In 2020, three in five homeowners in the USA started at least one home project.

Most people have an idea of what they want their dream house to look like. It’s unlikely that you will buy a house and want to change nothing, so your home will need a few house renovations before it reaches perfection.

But when you have your ideal cottage in the country or your high-rise apartment, all the home remodeling stress becomes worth it.

Not sure where to start with your home remodeling dreams? Here are a few great ideas.

1. Update Your Hardware

Home remodeling can get overwhelming. So, it’s a good idea to start with a small project to give you the confidence to tackle bigger challenges.

Choose to update your hardware as your first home project. Make a list of all the cupboards, cabinets, and doors you want to change the hardware on. Then, hunt for cool new handles and doorknobs on sites like Etsy.

It’s one of the most affordable house renovations, not to mention one of the simplest and easiest to DIY.

2. Build a Swimming Pool

Is swapping door handles a little too small fry for you? Then why not fulfill your childhood wishes and build your own swimming pool in your backyard.

Of course, it would be easier to search for houses with swimming pools for sale rather than build one yourself. And you may need to look into home remodel loans. But if you can afford it, live in a warm climate, and have space, it could be the best thing you ever did.

3. Renovate Your Attic

Attics are often wasted space with poor insulation and moldy storage boxes. But with the help of a home remodeling contractor, you could board out your attic and turn it into a functional spare bedroom, playroom, or home office.

4. Retile Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Restrooms and kitchens are two of the most costly rooms to redesign. But if either room has a neutral color palette, you could give it an upgrade by retiling the backsplash.

Opt for a daring emerald green or patterned Spanish-style tile and you will give your bathroom or kitchen a whole new look.

5. Spruce up Your House Exterior

Don’t forget about the outside of your home! You might need home remodeling contractors if you want a dramatic change to your house’s exterior. But, you can do a lot of the house renovations yourself.

You could repaint your house, front door, add window boxes, or hanging baskets. Build a new fence or repaint the old one. And if you have a big backyard, add a deck so you can sit outside during the warm summer nights.

Your Next Home Project: Which of These House Renovations Will You Choose?

When you have so much you want to fix up, choosing the one home project you want to focus on can be difficult. But once you do and you follow through, it will bring you far more joy than three unfinished projects. Search for “home remodeling contractors near me” and start your dream house renovations today.

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