Have you ever played video games?

Who is your enemy in the game?

It is AI or Artificial Intelligence.

Do you shop online or pay bills online? Do you get recommendations or suggestions?

How do they know about your choices?

It’s AI again.

And we don’t even realize its presence. We are so much surrounded by this technology that we find it difficult to manage our routine tasks without it. 

It is easy to diagnose cancer and many other dangerous diseases at early stages and is curable. 

There are numerous examples of Artificial Intelligence that we use in our daily life. Self-driving cars are the most innovative application of Artificial Intelligence to date. And if the news is to be believe then we will soon have AI pets at our homes. So we notice that Artificial Intelligence is the field that is on the path of continuous evolution.  

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Can you imagine how rewarding a career can be in the field of Artificial Intelligence?

The average annual salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer who has experience of around 10 years is around INR 10 crore. It’s USD 110K in the US. 

The top companies looking for AI experts include JP Morgan, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Accenture, and many more.

It is strongly recommended that you go with an Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai to make a career in this domain. Let us now explore what AI means and how you can get started with AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Earlier, AI or Artificial Intelligence was generally associate with robots working around. Simply put, when computers learn for you, it’s Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the simulation of human intelligence in systems that are programme to show human intellect and imitate their actions. So, any machine showing traits that are related to human intelligence like problem-solving or learning, artificial intelligence is working behind the scenes.

Artificial Intelligence is characterized by the ability to rationalize and make decisions that have the most probability of achieving the goal. And what is the main goal of AI?

It is to mimic human cognitive activity. 

AI is consistently evolving to aid numerous industries like healthcare where it is tested for dosing drugs and different treatment in patients including surgical procedures in the operation theatre.

Categories of AI

The two different categories of AI are:

Weak Artificial Intelligence involves a system meant to perform one particular task. Examples of weak AI systems include Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and other personal assistants, and video games.

Strong Artificial Intelligence is a system that performs tasks that are similar to that of humans. 

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With Artificial Intelligence, machines can mimic and execute tasks ranging from the most simple ones to the most complex ones. With the advancement in technology, the previous benchmarks that characterized AI become outdated. The processes that were considered artificially intelligent a decade ago, are now considered inherent computer functions.

How to get started with AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Let us look at what all you need to get started with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  1. A solid background in Mathematics

You need an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistics, and different algorithms. 

  1. Select a topic of your interest

Narrow down your focus, and define the topic or problem that you want to solve. Divide the problem into smaller chunks and start looking for the solution.

  1. Try to solve the problem

Find the basic solution to your problem and create an algorithm to process the data into a form that the machine understands.

You can start with writing simple neural nets. If you experiment with different approaches for utilizing algorithmic decision-making, you can get a better grasp of the concepts. 

Then you can optimize your solution and try to build your own simulator.

  1. Learn about Artificial Neural Networks to start with Deep Learning

Deep Learning stays at the cutting-edge of intelligent automation. It is all about machine learning tools and deploying them for problem-solving using decision-making. In Deep learning, you process the data through neural networks, bringing it closer to think like humans. 

So, you can learn Google-powered TensorFlow, Python-based frameworks such as Scikit-learn, Theano, Keras, etc.

Deep Learning can be used to develop systems that can recognize images, text, and speech to draw conclusions imitating human decision-making. 

  1. Choose the Programming Language of your interest

Getting into AI requires you to be proficient in programming. It is always wise to choose the mainstream language for entering into the world of AI. You can choose to learn Python, C++, Java, C, or Octave. 

There are specific strengths and weaknesses associated with each of them. Learn about them well and choose according to your interest.

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  1. Learn Machine Learning Algorithms

Now if you have decided to started with AI, it is crucial to learn most of the machine learning algorithms that include

  • Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  • Deep Learning (DL)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  • Random Forest
  • Decision Trees
  1. Enter a Kaggle Competition

After following the above steps, you acquire new skills. To test the newly acquired skills, enter into the Kaggle competition. It lets you try different approaches and choose the best solution. 

Also, you join a large community where you can clear all your doubts, and ask questions if you get stuck in the middle of development.

  1. Use Machine Learning Professionally

It is important that you have a working knowledge of machine learning so as to gain the necessary industry exposure. You can start by working on some ML projects available online.

  1. Get Trained

Although self-study is always an option, training is always the best move. There are many online training institutes that make you so trained that you can develop AI and Ml applications on your own. 


You have got the idea of the steps you need to follow to get into this innovative field which has lots of opportunities for you. The accredited online training institutes are always there to help you start development in AI.

In addition to providing you with self-paced learning, they train you according to the level of your knowledge. There are professionals whom you can consult when you have any doubts, usually, these people are industry experts. So, forget about arranging study material, get trained through the mode of your choice, and get career guidance as well.

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