Moving is a tedious process that entails numerous tasks and details. Ideally, you’d have ample time to prepare for the big day – sorting, packing, and boxing stuff, and organizing the logistics. A minimum of eight weeks is all you need to plan well and avoid cramming. But in reality, this isn’t always possible. With all your daily tasks and hectic work schedule, you’d barely have enough time to do all the necessary tasks. Hence, last-minute moves are not uncommon.

If you’re running out of time to get through your move, here are last-minute moving tips that can help you ensure a seamless relocation.

1.   Assemble packing supplies and tools

Keep your packing and moving supplies within close reach. We tend to waste time looking for supplies and tools around the entire house. Make sure you have the following items nearby: boxes, tapes, scissors, bubble wraps, and labels. You can put them in a single container that you can bring as you pack different rooms.

2.   Prepare a moving essentials bag

You want to avoid any disruptions while you’re in a hurry packing. Put together a small bag of essentials that include medications, chargers, documents, changing clothes, and toiletries. Although this is something you would have done ahead of the move, it would be very useful during a last-minute move, when things can be a chaos.

3.   Quickly declutter

Here’s an important reminder from consultants at Torex, Mississauga Moving Company: The less you need to pack, the faster you can finish. Hence, de-cluttering can help save time and make your last-minute move easier. Get rid of stuff you haven’t used for the past six months, you won’t likely need them in your new home. Sorting and deciding which ones to bring and discard ahead can save time once you start boxing them up. As you go through your stuff, try to avoid sentimentality instead think of practicality. Prepare a separate container or designate a space for things that you want to throw away or leave.

4.   Clear your space

You should be able to move freely across the room. Hence, you should keep the space clear and manageable. Once the box is filled, secure it, move it to the corner, and set up a new one.

5.   Stop thinking, start packing

When you’re running out of time, you need to pack fast. Most likely, you don’t have time to prioritize organization like making itemized lists or fancy labels or categorizing belongings. In an ideal world, having all these lists and labels can help make the move more organized, efficient, and less stressful. But if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to do away with these tiny details. Keep your eye on the goal which is to pack all of your stuff.

6.   Set a timer

When moving in a hurry, every second count (literally)! Get a timer, set it for one hour, and pack quickly. Take a 15-minute break, drink some refreshments, and munch on a snack. After this quick break, get back to packing. Don’t work beyond the one-hour time limit. By taking short, frequent breaks, you can maintain your energy levels throughout the day. With this technique, you can accomplish more and be more productive.

7.   Ask for help

You can get the tasks done quickly when you have extra hands. Ask your family or friends to come by to help declutter, pack, and organize your stuff.  Assign roles or designate rooms to your team so you work in unison. Be ready with several sets of packing supplies and tools to maximize time. Working with a team can make the last-minute move faster and stress-free.

8.   Consider hiring packing services

Finally, if you want a worry-free last-minute move, you should consider enlisting the help of professional movers. These contractors offer customized packing services that won’t hurt your budget. You can call them up to ask for a quick estimate. They are trained and experienced with this task. They can help you deal with heavy, bulky, and oddly shaped belongings which can be quite difficult to pack. These professionals are equipped with training, experience, as well as quality supplies and tools. Hence, they ensure your valuables arrive at your new place just as they left your home.