When it comes to music, everyone enjoys listening to it. Great brands sell music listening devices on the market today. Among them, Huawei released one of its most successful products, the Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones, in October 2020. It has an over-the-head band, wireless networking, and a microphone built-in. Unlike most headphones on the market, which generate excessive pressure on the ears and are made of plastic, Huawei presented an elastic and soft leather band that feels comfortable. A dual device connection is one of these headphones’ greatest features. It can connect to 2 devices at a time. For more information and purchasing, kindly visit Huawei headphones.


The Huawei FreeBuds Studio has a very basic and attractive appearance. They do, however, have powerful sound technology that pleases without harming your ears. It has an exceptional noise-cancelling feature thanks to an active number of sensors and sophisticated chipsets. Hearing phone calls or listening to music in a noisy environment will not cause you to become stressed. The headset is 194mm in height, 152mm in breadth, and weighs roughly 260g.

Multiple hearing modes:

There are several listening modes available with the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. It employs Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with 6-mic Call Noise Cancellation to ensure crystal clear communications in all circumstances. If you are travelling by train or near a construction site, you can activate ultra-mode, which decreases harsh sounds, while the general mode is effective for noise cancellation, such as in restaurants and offices, and cosy mode is for interior use, which minimises wind and air-conditioner noise. It also has an awareness mode that allows you to listen to all of the sounds around you while listening to music.

Wireless connection:

The majority of headphones on the market rely on signal antennae for connectivity. That is not the case with Huawei FreeBuds Studio, which connects via two antennae. As a result, it has a broad signal coverage area. Thanks to a 4-layer polymer diaphragm for great sensitivity and accurate sound, the Huawei FreeBuds Studio has a sound frequency range of 4Hz to 48kHz.


Huawei has equipped its FreeBuds Studio with a 410 mAh battery that allows for up to 24 hours of continuous music listening with Active Noise Cancelling turned off. You can have up to 20 hours of playback duration with active noise cancelling activated. However, it is also dependent on a number of other factors.

It only supports USB Type-C charging and can be fully charged from 0% to 100% in around 60 minutes.


The Huawei FreeBuds Studio has both physical and touches controls. There are three physical buttons: one for power on and off, another for Bluetooth repair at any moment, and a third for turning on and off active noise cancelling. Touch controls on the right headset provide functionality such as volume, play/pause, and swiping between tracks, among others.


There are a few conditions that must be met in order to fully utilise the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. To begin, the Bluetooth version should be 5.2 or higher, and devices running EMU 10.1 or higher are required.


Huawei FreeBuds Studio is a lightweight and simple headband with a powerful active noise-cancelling feature and a variety of additional modes that may be used depending on the situation. It can be played back for up to 24 hours. Because it enables a greater signal coverage area, FreeBuds Studio connects with two antennas. It is ideal for any music fan who enjoys listening to music while on the road.