Not long ago, watches were just used to check the time. However, as technology advances, Huawei has taken a huge step in bringing the entire world to your wrist. Huawei released the first GT Runner smartwatch in 2018. In addition to time, it may be used for a variety of purposes such as health and heart rate monitors, sports statistics, running guides and paths, and so on. There is a “Huawei Health” app, which keeps the results on your phone. The Huawei GT Runner has an AMOLED screen, a double crown, a slim and light design. This watch’s face is constructed of ceramic, while the back is made of stainless steel. For more information and purchasing, kindly visit the official store.

Dimensions and Display:

The smart watches for sale comes in two styles. The first is the Active Edition, which has a case size of 46mm, and the second is the Elegant Edition, which has a case size of 42mm. The watch weighs roughly 46g without the band.

The GT Runner comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED colour screen. The display screen resolution is 454 * 454. It comes with lots of pre-installed themes or faces from which to choose. Only touch and slide gestures are supported by this little touchscreen.

Long-Lasting battery:

Unlike most smart watches, which have a battery life of less than a day, the Huawei GT Runner has a battery life of up to 14 days. However, it is also dependent on consumption. Instead of standard charging connectors, the GT Runner supports magnetic charging thimbles. The Huawei GT Runner watch enables rapid charging, which takes less than 2 hours to charge.


The Huawei GT Runner includes an in-built positioning system that takes data from three satellites: GPS, Galileo, and Glonas. This allows it to provide a more precise position in less time. On this little device, you can not only see your current location but also the entire map.

This widget includes numerous sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, optical heart rate, magnetometers, barometers, and ambient light sensors, among others.

Your personal Assistant:

The watch delivers scientific coaching by detecting every movement of your body and calculating the distance you have covered in a given amount of time. In sports or fitness mode.  It continuously monitors your heartbeat in order to assist you in real-time.

Fulfils the duty of your phone:

The Huawei GT Runner not only monitors your health but also alerts you to incoming calls, texts, emails, alarms, and reminders while you’re on the go. You may even reply to messages and answer phone calls directly from this watch.


The Huawei GT Runner smartwatch is the first genuinely scientific watch with GPS and health tracking capabilities. Its sleek, slender, and weightless form adds to its allure and provides a premium feel. It can be used as a personal coach to track your regular fitness routines and sleep patterns. It can also be used to respond to all calls and messages directly from the watch interface.