IT is an integral part of our lives and has been for a few decades; something that every business needs and IT consulting is a booming sector, as organizations strive to make the best out of emerging digital tech. Consultation is all about planning and good advice and in order to create an effective IT infrastructure, you need the help of an experienced IT consultant and in this short blog, we take a closer look at what IT consulting really involves.

Getting a return on your IT investment

Whether you run a chain of fast food franchises or a haulage company, your business needs IT hardware and with so many brands and models, making a mistake with hardware acquisition is never going to be cheap. The best solution is to enlist the help of a professional IT consulting agency, who can point you in the right direction as far as IT hardware goes.

Free IT audit

When you approach an IT consultant in New Jersey, they first carry out an IT audit of your business to establish what kind of IT infrastructure you are currently running. This audit is free and without obligation; the consultant would present you with a proposal that details how you can improve your business processes and should you be in agreement, changes can be implemented.

Every business is unique

Your business has specific needs and a good IT consultant takes a holistic approach, looking for ways to streamline your processes, making the business more efficient. You might be losing a lot of productivity due to frequent hardware issues; fixed-fee IT hardware support is the perfect solution – for a small monthly fee, all your IT hardware is covered 24/7. Click here for how education has integrated with IT.

H2 Cyber-security

Of course, every organization should have solid cyber-security measures in place and the consultant would carry out penetrative testing, which involves ethical hackers trying their best to hack into your network. If they were to succeed, the loophole is plugged, if they are unable to break through, then you can rest assured your data is secure. Are you running a firewall? Do your staff know about secure practices when online? Do you update your anti-virus program? The answers to questions like these enable the cyber-security expert to formulate a plan that protects your data 24/7.

Slash communication costs

When you get your monthly cellphone bill, you wonder how a few overseas business calls can cost so much! Of course, the telecom giants charge by the minute and they have a monopoly on communication, or do they? Enter Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, as it is known, which is a revolutionary way to transmit audio and video via the web. Real-time video is a game-changer and what’s more VoIP costs a fraction of cell networks, which you can by-pass.

If you would like a professional opinion of your IT infrastructure, talk to a New Jersey IT support provider and see what the experts have to say.