Netflix is all about Sci-fi drama and TV shows, liked and voted extremely high for the quality, uniqueness, and high levels of entertainment. TV shows and dramas like the Star Trek: The Next Generation; The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance; Stranger Things; The Twilight Zone; Legends of Tomorrow; The Umbrella Academy; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine et cetera, have hit the top slots.

Netflix gathered a whopping 8.2 million subscribers in 2024, its slowest annual growth pace in five years. Today, the top-notch video streaming service has around 222 Million global subscribers.

The exciting thing to find is that Netflix began gathering the awards for the TV shows, exceeding the profits for HBO in 2018, if taken into account the total Emmy nominations. In addition, the next generation Keepstreams Netflix video downloader offers you plenty of options to let you explore the Sci-Fi Drama of the types like “The Chosen” straight on your mobile screens.

Chosen: Unearthing the Meteor Hit Recorded Two Decades Ago

Life has chosen Emma, a 17-year-old Middelbo female, to get involved in the rarest of the rare task, and the fact is that she is not ready for the kind of role waiting for her out there. And for multiple reasons, Emma had always felt alienated from Middelbo, and it is the same town where she grew up on the pretext that the city was hit strongly by a giant rock around 17 years ago. Middleboro has earned popularity for one single reason – The Meteorite Hit! Almost every second denizen living out there in Middelbo seems to be proud of the Meteorite incident, but Emma holds a different opinion for the entire incident.


Emma works as an expert tour guide, and her primary task is to get the tourists close to a colossal crater which is possibly the result of a meteorite fall. Middelbo is a sluggish town erstwhile known for the shipping activities but has a recent presentation for tourist activities. The vast crater is located in the mid of the supermarket, owned by businessman Hussein. He has become insanely wealthy after an increase in tourism. Since increasing tourists are coming to the town due to propaganda created, much money has begun to flow in.

But in recent months, the extent of tourism has fallen, and the sheen of the crater has also gone down tremendously. Emma has only got a small group of school children as tourists to show them the crater spot. She is also bored and disinclined to tell the same story about the meteorite hit repeatedly. The idea here is that the whole economy is struggling around a weak story of meteorite fall and nothing else. And the people are contended to with the story. 

As Emma tells the story, one of the kids touches the meteorite rock, and his light and sensitive touch break the rock. At this moment, Emma loses her job, and she is completely broken. But when she picks up the broken rock to watch closely, it comes as an ultimate surprise. The piece of rock has a glass formation. More significantly, it is the glass shard and nothing else. Emma asks to her inquisitiveness – Are meteors really made of the glass. Well, they don’t! And moments later, the scientific community has picked up rare signals from space. The suspense begins to grow after the community finds that the signals are coming from Middelbo. Now, this is exceptionally striking and worth noticing. On the other hand, Emma is troubled by the idea of the glass shard that she is holding with her.  

The reality is that she has no one to open up her secrets about the latest findings on the broken piece of broken rock. Amid everything else, Emma has started developing intense hatred towards the town. She is in anxiety over several things, including concerning the moments that have occurred recently. Beating her inhibitions, Emma finally makes up her mind to call Hussein and discuss the new findings that she has found on the meteorite site.

Hussein too tries to put the findings of Emma at bay by offering her tickets to a local fair. He is least interested in knowing what Emma thinks about the meteorite or anything related to outer space. Hussein is made of remarkable instinct, where he is more concerned about making money than earning from the out space earnings and research.

The life around Middelbo and Emma begins to change after she finds that the entire incident of the Meteorite hit has been faked and exaggerated by the local people. She feels dejected from the place. What were the reasons that eventually led to the rigging of the entire incident? Was there any hardcore politics involved behind making the listless and small-town popular all of a sudden? Many plots and subplots are hovering around the whole incident of a meteorite hit. Nothing is welcomed for many reasons.

Gradually as time passes, Emma begins to unearth the lies surrounding the meteorite striking Middelbo. She is amazed to find that all of it was a story, and for the last 17 years, she has been living in this story. She is not willing to hold up anymore to these faked-up stories. Emma has only one mission – to overcome the lies and build a robust version of the truth. She does not want her petite provincial town to rise from the horrifying incidents and crafted storytelling ideas of an outer space meteorite hitting the surface.

As Emma begins to reveal the truth, things gradually shape up in a more complex way. She feels awful and, at times, even dreadful. Meteorite hit is more than it seems to hold an actual value.

Now you must be curious about how to download movies on Netflix? It is pretty simple, and with hundreds of Sci-Fi movies around on Netflix, there is absolutely no limit to the choices. In addition, third-party software is available to make the off-the-grid movie watching an incredibly great experience all the time.

How to download movies on Netflix with the help of Keepstreams Netflix Video Downloader


The entertainment enthusiasts have access to the most extensive series and Sci-fi dramas of the season with Keepstreams Netflix video downloader. In addition, subscribers will have clean and safe entertainment available. Here are three simple steps that provide an advantage to the subscribers to save movies shows from Netflix:


KeepStreams video downloader software

Begin installing the KeepStreams video downloader software after visiting the KeepStreams official website. Navigate through the page, browse the top menu, and select Netflix movies.


 sign in to official Netflix

Next, the subscribers should sign in to official Netflix movies and select the videos and Sci-Fi dramas to download.  


click on the "Download Now" button

After selecting the videos and Sci-fi movies, select downloading preferences precisely and click on the “Download Now” button. You will save the film in offline mode.

The Pricing Mechanism for the Subscribers

Want to pick up the best subscription plan for Netflix? There are three best options to come rolling your way. The monthly program begins at US $ 19.99 for every month. The plan is validated on a single PC and comes along with the 14-Days of guarantee for money back. Subscribers can save up to 24%.

The Biannually Plan is available to the subscribers for US $ 6.99 for each month, and it is billed at US $ 41.94 for 6 Months and billed biannually. The subscription plan works for a maximum of 2 PC and comes with 14 days of Money Back Guarantee policy. Therefore, the subscribers can save 50%. The Annual subscription plan comes with Best Seller with US $ 4.99 per month, and settled at US $ 59.99 for a single year and billed annually. The subscription plan is available for running on a maximum of 3 PCs. The subscription plan has a policy where the subscribers can try the plan for 14 days and earn total payback if they do not like the service. Moreover, the subscribers save 65%.


The Keepstreams Netflix video downloader is an exceptional and high-end tool that gives movie buffs and digital entertainment lovers an advantage to download or rip movies from Netflix for offline viewing. The third-party video streaming software is designed to excel and meet subscribers’ demand for gaining annoyance-free access to high-quality drama, entertainment, and everything else. 

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