Apple has several exciting and ergonomic straps that beautifully complement its smartwatch ranges. You can interchange and use straps as per your wish and convenience to enjoy the best possible user experience.

Wood and stainless steel bands have always been trendy among Apple watch users. However, the Apple watch velcro band is becoming increasingly sought-after among people with varied interests. The sporty loop band is primarily made of nylon and used mainly by swimmers, athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts.

If you wish to invest in such bands, here are some details on the various features of a velcro band and how it can prove helpful. 

Easy to use

Apple watches contribute massively to the global smartwatch industry, and with good reason. They are hassle-free to use, durable, and lightweight. As a result, Apple watches are trendy among people of all age groups. Add the sport loop band to your watch, and it takes the already spectacular Apple watch to a whole new level.

The band has an uncomplicated velcro loop that enables users to adjust its tightness. The strap is woven out of double-layer nylon with scores of minuscule loops that make the band incredibly soft to the touch. Moreover, the material makes the strap breathable and lightweight, ensuring users are comfortable wearing it.


One of the most significant reasons sports enthusiasts use the velcro loop band is that it can effectively soak sweat. So, whether you go for a swim, run in a drizzle, or indulge in challenging gym workouts, the band can absorb water and sweat with ease. Sometimes, there may be too much moisture in the band during a workout session. In such cases, the velcro allows you to tighten or loosen it at your convenience.

You can easily wash the wet strap under running water and clear it of dirt, sweat, grime, and other residues. It takes hardly any time for the strap to be air-dried and ready for use again.

Excellent style

Many people use velcro bands, not just sports and fitness enthusiasts. They use the stylish strap comfortably all day and adjust its tightness levels, ensuring it stays snugly fit on their wrists all time. 

Also, an excellent thing about these bands is that they come in different colors that are uniformly bright on both sides. Popular color options include olive-gray, cargo khaki, pink sand, cornflower, and two-toned red. Classic black and red options are incredibly stylish options as well.

The unique multi-colored pride edition is also becoming increasingly popular among Apple watch enthusiasts these days. The array of bright colors adds an incredible touch of elegance to the already classy watch.

Variety in sizes

It is a misconception that Apple velcro sport bands come in a single size because they are adjustable. In reality, large and extra-large versions of the strap are explicitly designed to fit larger wrists with ease. For instance, the large version of the velcro strap is meant to fit 210mm wrists. However, people with wrists over this size can opt for the extra-large version that can effortlessly accommodate wrists up to 245mm in size.
It is advisable to try the Apple watch velcro band at a retail store before purchasing it to ensure you get the exact size you need. Alternatively, several online stores provide size charts you can refer to.