Do you know what challenge coins are? No, these aren’t quarters. They aren’t a new cryptocurrency.  

The origin of challenge coins dates back to WWI. Coins take the form of a small coin or medallion. They have a special meaning and purpose. 

There are several things you should know about these coins. Read this guide to learn more about their history and the rules of these coins. 

What Is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a small piece of metal. It often comes in the shape of a coin. It represents an individual or organization. 

Challenge coins helped identify downed pilots. Today, challenge coins can represent police officers and firefighters. These coins can also represent businesses and government agencies. 

The size of a challenge coin can vary. Most are the size of 1.75” round coins.

Challenge coins can have different imagery or symbols. Some even have words on them. There are so many unique designs that make them collectible. 

What Does a Challenge Coin Represent?

Military challenge coins began the tradition. You might find different coins that represent each of the branches of the military. Members of the military might receive a challenge coin for their service. 

Law enforcement might use coins to the lives of police officers who died in the line of duty. The family of a fallen police officer might be presented with challenge coins

Challenge Coin Etiquette

Being given a challenge coin is an honor. There’s a set of rules you must follow if you want to play the challenge coin game. 

The challenge coin rules state you must carry the coin at all times. A person might challenge you for a game anywhere at any time. 

If you lose your challenge coin, you must replace it as soon as possible. You can’t use a challenge coin for anything else other than its intended purpose. 

You have to control your coins at all times. Don’t give it to anyone. Remember, it’s an honor to get one. 

Never drill a hole in a coin. Doing so is disrespectful. 

These rules apply to each person who receives a challenge coin. The same rules apply to anyone who buys challenge coins.

Are you looking to design your own challenge coin? You can make your coin design and add it to a coin. This is a great way to honor a person, business, or organization. 

Design Your Own Challenge Coins

The challenge coin history is a long one. You can think of these coins as a tradition, as they each tell an important story. 

Design your own challenge coins for your business or organization. You can give them as an award or form of recognition. They’re also great for creating bonds and connections. 

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