In the last two decades, businesses have made tremendous progress in adopting eCommerce. Mobile eCommerce is one of the most revolutionary changes that have taken online stores by surprise. But besides that, we now have social commerce.  As a result, eCommerce giants such as Amazon have emerged.

The eCommerce landscape is an open market with plenty of opportunities for all types of businesses.  If you are new to eCommerce, you have to stay on top of the latest technology to reap the full benefits of your online store.

Understanding the different types of eCommerce platforms will be instrumental to your entrepreneurial journey.  In this post, we feature key things to know about headless eCommerce platforms.

What is a Headless eCommerce Platform?

A headless eCommerce platform is a set-up that separates your online store’s front end from the back end. Its architecture removes any limitations that would otherwise hinder you from delivering a stellar user experience.

Here are the key things to know about this setup:

Personalized Customer Experience

Customers relish receiving a personalized experience. A headless eCommerce platform allows you to adjust your front end to the liking of each of your customers. If you want to stand out from your competition, you must take full advantage of this feature.

You will achieve an edge by recommending products that suit your customer’s tastes and preferences.


Traditional eCommerce platforms are somewhat rigid.  With customers’ purchasing habits ever-changing, these platforms take time to adapt to new trends.

With a headless eCommerce platform, flexibility is assured. It allows you to cope with the different behaviors of your customers. For example, you can modify your front-end advertisement per the customer’s habits.  These may include pick-up and delivery options. You can consider Virto Commerce to experience the excellence of a headless eCommerce platform.

Improves your Conversion Rate

As an online store owner, the chances are that you are always thinking of ways to convert more prospects into buying customers.  A headless eCommerce enables improvement in the buying journey and makes it more exciting. This, in turn, reduces cart abandonment.

 It allows the creation of quizzes and other interesting and individualized games that customers enjoy. These interactive activities are key to increasing your conversion rate.

Highly Customizable

In the current eCommerce world, customization is of the essence. If you are going to retain customers and stand out from the competition, you need a rich selection of templates and themes. These platforms have features that can help you turn a creative vision into a reality.

Saves Developer Time

Spending a lot of time on new developments to your website could translate into lost revenue.  Most headless eCommerce platforms are user-friendly and their architecture allows for fast development. And as a result, it saves the developer’s time. Moreover, you can do most of the work using the available templates. You will only need a developer for more complex coding processes.

If you want to open an online store, picking the right headless eCommerce platform gives you a competitive edge. It will allow you to adapt quickly to the marketplace. Most importantly, you will deliver a better customer experience to your clients.