In 2019, there were a total of 5,333 deaths from work-related injuries. 

Any number of injuries and fatalities is too much and so companies and businesses need to act to ensure the best safety standards for their employees.

Some safety measures are obvious and it is easy to see why they are needed such as appropriate training and hard hats in potentially dangerous environments.

But some measures are more subtle. One such safety feature is remarkably humble. Push buttons. Yes, you read that right.

These tiny pieces of manual machinery are there to save lives. 

Read on to understand more about these incredible life-saving devices.

Push Buttons? How Exactly Do They Save Lives?

Ok, so while not every push button is responsible for saving a life, they are implemented in ways that can.

For example, heavy machinery often has dangerous blades or other components which can cause serious harm if it were to get out of control.

You will know that with many electronics such as laptops and computers; it isn’t always as simple as hitting a button to turn it off.

With heavy machinery, it is vital to have this one-button operation to quickly cut power to a device close at hand. 

Rather than being required to run to a socket and turn the equipment off at the mains; you need to be able to reach it easily and immediately if something goes awry.

What Else Are They Used For?

In addition to adding an essential feature to heavy machinery, push buttons are used in many other devices.

From security systems to AV equipment and fitness equipment with everything in between; a push-button switch adds the dedicated and simple ability to cut power with one quick motion.

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This works because a circuit needs to remain unbroken in order to function; but whether the elements in that circuit are on or off, some power will be used.

Industrial push buttons are easily installed and allow the user to cut power or start the system and they are easy to install.

Are There Other Reasons They May Be Useful?

The simplicity may make it appear as though such a device should come with some bells and whistles; and if that is important to you, you can find them with these and other features available.

But simplicity is the primary feature of a push-button starter switch. With the ability to require a push-button start or stop on your machinery, it can guarantee safety for those who cant access it.

Whether that is small children who can’t reach, or if you have a physical lock installed on it to prevent untrained or unqualified individuals from putting themselves in harm’s way. 

If you feel like these devices could be useful in your place of work, you can find an excellent industrial push switch here. 

Are You Ready to Push the Button?

And now that you know all there is to know about industrial push buttons, we wish you all the best on your journey to make your site as safe as possible and hope you can revisit this post if you need refreshing.

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