When you start planning your wedding, you likely think about the flowers, the venue, dresses, which you will invite, etc. However, you need to also think about how you will seat those guests and the wedding party at the reception. Ceremonies generally take up to two days, including the rehearsal. You will want to keep in mind how you will keep children and the elderly comfortable during all aspects of your wedding, so it is enjoyable for all.

Different Designs and Styles

If you think you can walk into a rental agency and tell them a specific number of seats needed, you are in for a surprise. There are numerous styles and designs available, including different materials available. When you start the decision process, begin by asking the venue what seating they offer complimentary to determine if you will even need to rent. Once you have determined if you need wedding chairs, you will want to start researching what styles will match your theme. Consult with your wedding planner and use magazines and pictures online to help with a cohesive look. However, consider the Chiavari chair hire Glasgow as a popular choice.


Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, rental wedding chairs are generally basic. While this does mean more money for you to spend accessorizing, it also gives you the ability to style any seat to match your ceremony. Consider jazzing up a chair with ribbons, covers, Spandex Chair Covers, sashes, or bows. You can also use the same basic style but accessorized differently for different guests. For example, look at creating a specific look for the wedding party, while family members and guests have a different look. Consult with rental agencies to see what linens and accessories they offer at an additional cost or if you will need to find a separate company to decorate.

Rental Process

Do not expect to walk into a rental company and walk out with the chairs you want. You will need to begin researching different companies at least six months before your ceremony date. Not only do you want to make sure you have the best business handling your seating; but you will also want to make sure that enough chairs will be available. Talk to your wedding planner to determine what you will need to look for and understand the company policies. In many cases, they will prohibit people from smoking or require a cleaning fee. Depending on your transportation abilities; you may also look at the differences in costs for having them deliver, set up, and takedown of seating. Finally, consider talking to other couples who have used rental agencies to find out who they prefer and why.

Pricing Options

The final aspect to consider when renting seats for your wedding and reception is the pricing options you have. With many companies, you will need to put a deposit down before you can even reserve the wedding chairs. The cost will depend on the style you select and what accessories you combine with that rental. It may be cheaper to purchase bows and ribbons from another store or make them yourself. When you talk to the rental company, ask them what their policies are and how they affect the costs. Once you have the reservation made, you are one step closer to enjoying the big day with your friends and family.

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