Are you looking for an exotic way to relax, enjoy your time off, and connect with family and friends? Skip the movie theater this weekend and charter a yacht instead.

Get out on the open water, where you can soak up fresh air and sunshine. Being surrounded by water isn’t just fun, but it also supports your mental and physical health

There are different types of yacht rentals to suit any personality and budget. Yacht rental prices are affected by many factors. You can find cheaper experiences, or you can indulge in world-class amenities.

Read on below to see which factors affect the price of a yacht charter the most. 

Timing Is Everything Regarding Yacht Rental Prices

One of the biggest factors when determining the price of a yacht rental is the timing. There are peak seasons and peak days for rentals. 

Summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter near the equator, and the two big rental seasons.

Yacht rentals are very popular in Europe during the summer when the Mediterranean is the place to be. Likewise, in Winter, everyone flocks to the Caribbean to enjoy tropical weather and endless sunshine. During these seasons, you can expect prices to be at a premium. 

If you are renting for half a day or one day, then the day of the week matters as well. Weekend rentals generally cost more on the weekend. Sometimes a lot more. 

For half-day rentals, you might find morning sessions to be cheaper, as more people are looking for afternoon rentals where they might catch the sunset. 

What Is Included?

When planning a yacht party, the first question you should ask is what is included in the price. You can book all-inclusive yachts, a ‘plus expenses’ yacht, or a bareboat yacht rental.

All-inclusive yachts come with everything you need, including a full crew, meals, and beverages. You won’t have to lift a finger and focus on relaxation and fun. Obviously, these are the most expensive but are necessary for those who don’t have experience with yachts.

‘Plus expenses’ yachts means you pay a base rate for the ship and the personnel onboard. Everything else costs extra, including food, drinks, fuel, and dockage. You’ll set up an advanced provisions allowance (APA) so that you don’t have to worry about carrying credit cards onboard.  

Bareboat rentals don’t include anything but the boat. It requires the renters to have the skills and credentials to operate the boat on their own. These are less common. But for those who know what they are doing, they can provide a more authentic experience. 

Yacht Destinations

Next, consider the destination. Some yacht rentals will be in high-demand locations, which means more fun, but also a higher price.

But indirect costs can be higher, too. If you’re looking to book a company yacht party, and you’d prefer to drive three hours to the ocean, instead of 30 minutes to the nearest lake, then it will cost money in the form of transportation, along with the time it takes to drive there.

Of course, traveling to idyllic locations for your yacht party is worth it. And that’s the whole point of renting a yacht in the first place, right? 

Along with the destination, do you have a say in where you go? Is the itinerary flexible, or do you follow a predetermined route set by the captain? 

Some people are fine sitting in the middle of the bay, lake, or sea, as the experience is focused on the activities on the boat. But other times, you want to explore with your yacht rental.

When you’re in the Caribbean, for example, take time to find a private beach or cove to dock in and provide a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, rentals that allow for this type of discovery and freedom may require a larger fee than those that follow the same course each and every time. 

Length of Time

One of the biggest price considerations for booking a yacht is the length of time. Some people will charter a short-term yacht, lasting from half a day to a full day. These are short, affordable excursions perfect for those who aren’t on vacation, but just looking for a fun weekend activity.

These are generally the excursions you’ll find close to home, such as on Lake Michigan if you live in the Midwest. You also find short-term rentals in vacation destinations, like Florida or the Caribbean. 

But it’s also common to rent a yacht for days at a time, and often a week. When chartering a week-long yacht, you are booking an entire vacation. You’ll need a full-sized yacht, complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, cooking facilities, and more. 

A week-long rental often costs more than $100,000 for a full-service excursion. 

Size of Boat

Bigger can be better, but it isn’t always the case. In many locations, you might find that a larger yacht will still only accommodate a small number of guests, such as 12.

This is due to local maritime regulations that complicate the process of having lots of people on board. 

So you might pay extra for a bigger boat, you but that doesn’t mean more guests.

Bigger boats require a larger crew to manage, and more fuel to run. Those expenses are, of course, passed on to you. 

Activities Included?

Not all renters are looking for watersports and activities when chartering a yacht. Many are content to enjoy food and drinks with guests while lounging and enjoying the view.

These experiences are more affordable if that’s what you’re after. But many people hit the open water to snorkel, scuba dive, fish, jet ski, or indulge in a number of other water-based activities.

Sometimes, these are included in the price of the yacht, but sometimes they cost extra. And on some boats, they won’t even be available. 

Yacht Rentals for Everyone

Short-term yacht rentals can be had for around $1,000, while long-term yacht rental prices can easily push half a million dollars.

Need some yacht rental tips, to make your next excursion more manageable? Try booking during the offseason. Temperatures in September may be just as nice as July, without the higher price tag.

There are many tips like this that will help you save money when chartering a yacht. Everyone can have this experience at least once in their life. 

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