Are you planning on raising chickens?

Chickens are popular livestock because they’re easy to raise and maintain. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when raising one.

One of the most essential factors when taking care of chickens is their food. They must get enough nutrients to grow big and strong. A type of food that offers these nutrients are layer feeds.

Layer feed for chickens ensures your hens will lay farm fresh eggs. It makes the eggshell resist cracking and increases its quality. To learn more, here is our guide about layer feed for chickens.

Choose the Right Chicken Layer Feed

To get the best layer feed for chickens, you will need to know all the different types. Here are some forms to choose from.


These are granules that provide hens the necessary nutrients for fresh eggs.


These feeds help reduce waste. It’s because it’s easier to distribute to the chicken coops.


It’s an unprocessed feed usually mixed with water. These feeds offer easy consumption but produce higher waste.


Farmers prefer these due to the number of vitamins and minerals. It results in a boost to the chicken’s immune system.

Your chosen layer feed type depends mostly on your preference. However, it’s crucial to consider your flock’s goals. It will guide the rest of your journey toward discovering the right feed.

Differences Between Chicken Scratch and Layer Feeds

Chicken scratch is a different kind of chicken feed. Farmers use them as treats for the flock. It mostly comprises cracked corn and other grains that even fighting chickens love.

Layer feeds are better for your chickens’ daily regimen. It has essential nutrients such as protein and calcium. You’ll use these to feed your chickens for the rest of their life.

These feeds are great substitutes for grower feeds. It’s especially when you aim for egg-laying hens. If you’re looking for organic layer feeds, click for more information.

Transition to the Chicken Feed

The transition to layer feeds will depend on your free-range chickens. However, the best time is when the chicken reaches 18 weeks old. It’s because they’ll likely eggs for the first time during this period.

Give your chicken some layer feeds by mixing them with their usual food. Many chickens will not notice the change. Once they get used to it, you can complete the transition. It will later affect their egg production better.

Take Care and Use Layer Feed for Chickens Today

We hope this guide helped you choose a layer feed for chickens. Taking care of chickens is a fun experience anyone can enjoy. Don’t let your investments grow differently because of the wrong feed. Use layer feeds and let your chickens enjoy the benefits.

Do you have other poultry-related questions? Check out other content today. We cover a lot of topics related to animal husbandry and more.

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