Programming is the demand of the day. It is the talk of the town in the digital world. In today’s digitalized world, we need apps and websites for almost everything and as necessity is the mother of invention, people from almost all sectors of life are making their online presence with the help of social media profiles that follow up with websites and the websites are followed up with the apps. 

If you are living in this century, your lifestyle and choosing a certain brand for almost anything your need is completely different if we compare it with just a decade ago. 

When we want to buy authentic pair of shoes online, we will look it up on Google. If it has a social media presence, we might consider buying but we may still have doubts if the same brand has a website our confidence bar for this certain purchase will rise a bit more and if they have an app too, this will be a cherry on top. 

Now, programmers make all these websites and apps and we are thankful to them for making our life much easier than ever before. As there is demand many people want to learn to program, however, no matter how attractive it seems, it is not that easy to become a programmer. 

Initially, there are some considerate steps towards the programming career path. Nevertheless, before stepping into the process, you need to understand that programming is a vast field and there are many subfields in it. You require learning basics at first and then choosing your favorite sub-field and specializing in it along the way. You can learn everything in programming but it is highly recommended that you focus and specialize in one field to excel in your career because jack-of-all-trades is master of none. 

When you are starting to learn programming follow and learn these sub-categories to learn the basics and then choose your field. To make programming easier for yourself you should do cx programmer download for free which will help you to do programming more efficiently.


You might have heard about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) when it comes to programming and coding. HTML is the stepping stone in your programming career. Start your programming journey with HTML, it is the basic requirement for the programming language, not only you can create almost anything with HTML it is very easy to learn as well. You can create Websites and Web pages with the help of HTML and in simple words; it is safe to say that HTML is what you can see in front of you, it describes the structure of a website. 


After HTML, your next step should be to learn the CSS (Cascadian Style Sheet). It is used to narrate the files written in HTML. It helps to describe the fonts, layouts, and all visual elements of any website or web page. CSS gives details of the outline and style of a website. 


The last ingredient to complete a website is JavaScript. It is used to define the behavior and functionalities of a website or web page. Almost all big names like Netflix and PayPal built their internal applications with the use of JavaScript.  


After the essential, comes up next the PHP. It is a programming language as well and it comes in handy to build things for the web. It runs on a server and whenever you ask for a webpage there is some PHP going around in the background. If you look up different most popular applications, many files end with the .php. Most of the logins and logouts on a website or web page are made of PHP.   

After learning and mastering PHP, you become an expert in programming. You need to do specialization right afterward. 


Now, after the websites and web pages, if you want to excel in building apps. You will need to learn different languages like a flutter. As a result of Google collaboration, Flutter is one of the most popular mobile UI frameworks. It is fast, safe, provide quality work to developers, and makes user-friendly apps for iOS and Android as well. A number of other programming languages like flutter are available as well. 

Now, you clearly know the steps you need to take in order to start your programming career. 

Free sources to learn programming:

Many websites let you learn programming and related niches free of cost. In the following list, we have short listed a few programs to start learning today:


edX is the result of collaboration between Harvard and MIT. It offers a range of online courses with helpful course lines to educate you on the basics. It is free to enroll and learn programming throughout the whole course; however, you will need to pay a little amount at the end or completion of your course to be officially certified by edX. 


freeCodeCamp is another great platform to kick off your programming career. You can learn all software free of cost. It helps people to get skilled and start a career with little to no investment. It has almost all niches related to programming and web development. 

Class Central

Another great platform providing free access to education as competitive as any university will offer you. These courses are designed like university courses and you can get better in the field with theory and experience side by side. 


Codecademy is an online platform where you can learn programming languages and interact with mind-like people. The best thing is that it has all languages on one platform that too, free of cost. 


Learning something new – in terms of education here – or switching your career after some time is nothing bad and nothing to worry about. You can do it anytime and if you have any issues of time management or investment on something new to learn, there are hundreds of platform available, who gives education for free while giving them time and pace comfort as well. You can make your choice today!