If you own a small business, you probably love it. You’re able to have oversight on all of the decisions made, you can make your business exactly what you want it to be, and you can form relationships with employees and customers on a personal level versus a clinical corporate one.

But many business owners don’t want to keep their businesses too small. It’s only natural that, at some point, you want your business to grow. You want to reach new clients or customers, have more revenue, and see success in your field. 

If you’re looking to grow your small business, you may not be entirely sure of where you need to start. How do successful businesses go from a small storefront location to an empire with multiple franchises? How can you learn from them and replicate that with your own small business and thrive in the success that they have experienced?

We have the secrets to making a business grow into a flourishing company right here, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Stellar Customer Service to Keep Your Customers Happy

It should come as no surprise that the customers are the center of your business. And to keep those customers loyal and happy, you need to offer them great customer service at all times.

If your work is small, though, it can become difficult to make yourself available to them at all times. You have a lot on your plate as is, so juggling can become a tricky sort of balancing act.

This is why many companies actually outsource their customer service. It may be something that you haven’t necessarily thought of as an option, but it has many benefits over trying to handle customer service all by yourself.

For one thing, it guarantees that your customers are always able to get help when they need it. No matter how busy your work is today or what your operating hours are, your customers will always be able to speak to someone about any concerns that they may have. This leaves them more satisfied and pleased with your company and increases the likelihood that they will stick around.

In theory, that sounds amazing, right? If you’re a numbers person who needs to see the cold hard facts, let’s take a minute to go over those.

  • Companies have a 15% higher average churn rate when they ignore support requests on social media than those who respond.
  • 13% of customers that are unsatisfied with a company tell 15 or more people about their bad experience.
  • 61% of consumers have given up on brands due to poor customer service.
  • 19% of customers say they only give a brand one chance to gain their loyalty.
  • 42% of businesses use a help desk system for their customer service needs.

We don’t know about you, but those statistics sound pretty convincing to us. Outsourcing your small business customer service to a trusted company that has been handling customer service for years can save you time while making sure that your customers remain happy with your business.

When people are happy, they’re more likely to tell their friends about your company. Having happy current customers leads to more happy future customers, which is essential to growing your small business.

A Business Loan to Finance Your Goals

You can’t grow your work unless you have the resources to do so. And unless you opened up your small business with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you had at your disposal; it’s going to take a little bit of financial support to get your small business up and running.

Once your work is running, of course, there are plenty of expenses that you will need to stay on top of. When the costs of running your small work start to get high and your funds start to run low; you may think of throwing in the towel. But you shouldn’t.

If you look at all of the most successful businesses; we can promise you, most, if not all of them have taken out a small work loan at one point or another.

The key to taking out a loan for your small work is to find a lender that you can trust to give you a good deal. Going with a company that wants to see your small business succeed is important.

With a small business loan from seeking capital, you can get just the funding that you need to help your business stay afloat.

They have payment plans and different small business loans for every credit score and every business need you may require a loan for. You could get a business loan specifically to cover travel costs; loans to make sure that you can keep your most trusted employees on the payroll; or borrow some cash for a new marketing campaign that you want to launch. You can even take out a loan for those little emergencies that pop up when you’re trying to run your work.

When you don’t have basic funds to worry about; you can focus on the important aspects of your small business like your customers, employees, and getting the word out on your product or service. And with that stress off of your shoulders; your business is able to grow and prosper into the ideal that you started it with.

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Small Business Software to Automate Tasks and Make Running Your Business Easier

When you’re a business owner, there are a lot of different things to keep up with. There are tasks both large and small that cannot be ignored, and staying on top of (and, let’s face it, remembering) all of these details is difficult for even the most committed of business owners.

In order to balance everything; you need to have something to keep all of the information your need in one place. Luckily, there is software for that. By using a small business software like Thryv, it’s much easier to stay on top of things.

They’re known as the end-to-end client experience software for growing small businesses. They take all of those day-to-day tasks that you have to worry about as a business owner and automate them. You can keep your daily schedule, calendar, communications, and more all in one place. 

You can also request reviews from clients and customers right from the software; get notified when they are completed so that you can follow up right away.

Staying organized and connected with your customers gets you one step closer to seeing serious growth in your small business.

Take Your Small Business to New Heights with a Little Bit of Help

Running a business is no easy feat, but it’s definitely a worthwhile pursuit. If you have what it takes and are willing to go the extra mile; you’ll be amazed at just how much you can grow your small business in a short amount of time when you use the right tools.