The employees, in any business, are the driving force behind its rise and fall. This is why it is important that they work in a structured and organized environment to guarantee the workflow. However, in order to achieve that, you have to make sure that your employees are doing their job properly. As a business owner, you need to communicate with your workers and listen to their suggestions and complaints as this will make them feel heard and appreciated. Besides communicating with your staff, you need to manage and monitor them to ensure everyone is doing their job. Managing your workers is essential in any company. Undermanagement can cost you money and time that could have been saved with proper management. Listed here are helpful tips on how to manage your employees and monitor their work.

Keep an Eye on Your Employees

If you want to monitor your employees’ performance then you need to watch them work with your own eyes. For instance, you can tell so much about your customer service team’s performance by watching them for a few minutes interacting with customers. Additionally, you can learn so much about your workers’ performance by watching them than by asking customers to give you their feedback. This will also allow you to easily assess their strengths and weaknesses so you can suggest to them what they need to work on. Watching your employees do their jobs can also be a good training technique. If one of them has difficulty with a task, you can shadow them to see what they are doing wrong so you can guide and help them.

Request a Report

Typically, every week or so you will have a conversation or meeting with your employees to discuss work and to give them suggestions or instructions on what needs to be done. You should request reports from your workers that show what they have done since your last meeting. This way, you can ensure they have taken certain actions and followed your instructions. Additionally, have a conversation with them, ask them detailed questions, and listen to everything they have to say. Requesting a report is a great way to make people responsible for their actions. After taking a look at your employees’ reports, you can then determine what needs to be done next. Make sure to have regular meetings and one on one conversations with them to be able to monitor their performance.

Use an Employee Monitoring Software

As mentioned before, you should watch your employees. However, you can’t watch them all day. For this reason, you should consider using employee monitoring software. This software will allow you to monitor all of the projects and tasks they do on their computers during their work hours. In addition to that, this type of software collects data about your workers’ most visited websites and Google searches. Using it will allow you to find out if they are working or wasting time browsing social media. An employee monitoring software will help you learn who among your employees is working hard and who is slacking which will help you improve productivity.

Set Expectations

You can’t manage your staff or judge their work if they don’t know what it is that you expect from them. However, before you can communicate your expectations with them, you have to understand what you want and what you want them to deliver. This goes with all aspects of the job like the hours, sales, quality, office culture, among many other things. When you are communicating your expectations to your employees, make sure to be specific and tell them everything that you need in detail. It can be very frustrating and confusing for your employees to not know what you want or expect from them which can negatively affect their productivity.

Show Appreciation

One of the best ways to be a great manager and leader is by recognizing your employees for the good work that they have done. Recognizing their work will make them feel appreciated and confident which will make them motivated to work harder and do more. It is really the simplest things that can make them feel this way, like saying thank you, giving them a shout-out, letting them leave work early, or giving them a day off.

Just like how you expect your employees to give you their best, you should also do your part by monitoring and managing them the right way. You can monitor them by watching their performance, requesting regular accounts, and using employee monitoring software. In addition to that, you can manage them by setting clear expectations and showing them recognition and appreciation. In order to be a great manager, you have to be aware of what your employees are doing, and guide them and motivate them to excel.

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