Imagine throwing away $17,000. The concept sounds utterly ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s the average cost incurred when the wrong employee is hired, particularly for a role as pivotal as medical practice manager.

This guide offers practical, straightforward advice to help you avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong individual. With our help, you’ll be able to find the best candidate for your healthcare business, thereby increasing your practice’s efficiency while controlling recruitment costs.

Now, let’s delve into the five essential hiring practices your medical clinic should start today.

1. Know What to Look For

When conducting a physician executive search, it’s imperative to understand the specific needs of your practice. The medical practice manager must have a host of abilities, including:

  • Leadership
  • Excellent communication
  • Strong business acumen
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Understanding of the legal requirements

While all these traits are essential, the potential manager who’s guaranteed to take your medical office to new heights is someone with an emotional investment in your trade. Remember, physicians are driven by passion. When you find a manager who has the same level of drive and enthusiasm as your staff, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Check Educational Background

The educational requirements for a physician practice manager can vary, but generally, the candidate should hold at least a college degree. Degrees in health administration are highly regarded. These programs often include valuable courses on healthcare laws, ethics, accounting, and management.

3. Assess Prior Work Experience

If you’re seeking a manager at a solo physician’s medical practice, they may not require vast experience. However, even a small practice with few physicians needs a manager with years of prior work experience. Only someone familiar with medical practice management can effectively handle billing, staff coordination, and bookkeeping needs.

4. Share Key Qualities

The job description outlines the specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities that the medical practice manager is expected to perform. In contrast, a specification describes the attributes, skills, and experience that the ideal candidate possesses.

Excellent writing skills are essential to interact professionally and courteously with patients, medical professionals, and other staff members. This is an example of a key quality. Share ideas like this in your job posting.

5. Be Strict

In the healthcare business, applications come flooding in, and not all of them will fit the criteria you’re looking for. It’s not productive to spend time interviewing every single candidate. Instead, be strict with your initial screening stage.

Every applicant deserves an equal shot, but those who don’t meet your criteria might be better suited elsewhere. It’s not about excluding people for the sake of it, but about making sure the right people end up in the right roles.

Find the Best Medical Practice Manager and Other Hires

Finding the right medical practice manager can seem like a tall order, but it’s crucial for the successful operation of your clinic. Keep an eye out for red flags like a lack of communication skills or disinterest. Remember to conduct a thorough background check and investigate their work experience.

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