Apple is one of the few manufacturers that provides the highest protection for user information on its branded electronic devices, especially Mac computers. The brand is well aware that successful people, including celebrities, mainly use its products, and they all clearly would not want an outsider to access their data.

Moreover, some users are sure that the level of security of macOS is much higher than Windows. However, invulnerable software does not exist. Therefore, we will answer the main question of Apple users – Can a MacBook be hacked? Definitely yes! Hackers can easily access your data, photos, etc.

For example, after the scandal with macOS High Sierra, where hackers could obtain root access without a password, everyone realized that even Apple has mistakes. Therefore, we decided to find out what techniques do hackers use to steal information. Based on this data, we have compiled tips on how to avoid identity theft.

Exploits for Hacking macOS and Protection Method

This instrument has influenced most Mac computers hacked. Exploit is a program that exploits a vulnerability in the software for unauthorized access. Everybody knows that exploits don’t just like that enter the network. It is more profitable to sell them to developers as part of bug bounty programs or scammers who intend to hack someone else’s computer. Also, hackers themselves can use the obtained data against the user – to extort money.

New exploits appear all the time. For example, the famous hacker Geohot experimented with journalist Ben Makich’s computer. The attacker remotely connected to the MacBook using his exploit and then launched a browser with and the Calculator application with just one command.

How do exploits get into the computer? There are two options:

  • Force a user to follow a link and execute malicious code on a website using a browser vulnerability.
  • Force the user to open a file with an exploit code disguised as a photo, archive, attachment to a phishing email, etc.

To avoid this problem, you need to have an antivirus at least. Mac malware has grown by 744% over the year, McAfee says. However, the problem with exploits is that not all antiviruses detect them. Behavioral analysis is needed – without it, the chances of thwarting the exploit are scanty. To carry out such an analysis, you can use special services that identify undesirable forms of behavior and develop methods for correcting these forms in various manifestations.

Hacking Battery and Protection Method

The problem with MacBook batteries is that they’re smart. Each battery has a special chip with system software to communicate with other components and monitor power consumption.

Hacker Charlie Miller showed at the 2015 Black Hat conference that people can manage batteries remotely. He used the default factory password to gain access to the Texas Instruments battery controller firmware. The result of Miller’s work is that the battery is out of order. The hacker did not put on a colorful show with explosions and fires but said theoretically, this is possible.

Such hacks are carried out mainly for demonstration or hooligan motives. They are not yet massive. In any case, stick to the basic protections: download VPN for Mac and antivirus. VPN will help you stay anonymous on any website, hide your real location, and exclude tracking attempts. How to choose a VPN Mac? We recommend VPN – the company has an excellent online reputation and many advantages. For example, it has a trial version, over 2,500 servers, 10-device connectivity, customer support, strong 256-bit encryption, and unlimited traffic.

Hacking Through End-to-End Encryption and Protection Method

End-to-end encryption rose in popularity in 2013 after Edward Snowden released documents proving that the US government monitors every call and message sent. Therefore, Apple chose to protect the privacy of its users and introduced end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption is when calls, messages, video, audio, images, documents, and other data are available only to the interlocutors. That is, they are protected from falling into third hands. Can end-to-end encryption be hacked?

Symmetric cryptosystems mean that the same cryptographic key is used for encryption and decryption. To ensure the stability of the cryptosystem from hacking, programmers apply the necessary algorithms to protect the data. In other words, the key itself is not enough, and it is required to shuffle the data in such a way as to ensure reliability. However, if there is enough production capacity, hackers can pick up the key and crack the MacBook.

How to avoid end-to-end encryption hacking? Do not download unfamiliar files: they may contain viruses that can listen to your calls, read messages and intercept security codes. We also recommend installing antivirus programs that cope with protecting devices and personal data from any threats while completely not affecting the operation of your computer.

Hacking with iCloud and Protection Method

Many people think, can a Mac be hacked using iCloud? This is unrealistic! Find My iPhone is available in iCloud. Cybercriminals have been using it to lock iPhones for several years now, and now it is the turn of the MacBook.

For hacking, it is enough to have a username and password from the victim’s iCloud account. How to hack a mac password? There are many options: from a fake input form to brute-force logins and passwords from other services and social engineering.

The function makes it possible to lock the computer with a password, set a hint with a ransom demand and details. Having gained access to your iCloud account, attackers do not have complete control over your account. However, the username and password are sufficient to lock the device remotely. What is the threat? At least the inability to work on a MacBook.

How to protect yourself? You can:

  • Disable the “Find iPhone” option in the settings.
  • Change your Apple ID password in iCloud.

If you are the victim of such a hack, please get in touch with Apple technical support. Don’t pay the ransom – don’t support the phishing business! However, keep in mind that the solution of the problem by Apple specialists may take several days.


As you can see, hackers can hack any gadget, regardless of the brand, because there are vulnerabilities everywhere. However, by adhering to simple security rules, you can avoid hacking. For example, if you install antivirus software, scammers will not be able to take over data from your device, even if you click on a malicious link. By installing a MacBook Pro VPN, you will become invisible to fraudsters trying to track your actions and steal passwords from social networks and bank cards. By installing programs to clean your computer from debris and viruses, you will improve the performance of your PC. Stay ahead of the hackers – don’t let them cash in on you!

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