In businesses, a lack of productivity is a major issue that can be hard to address. Many corporate executives have the misconception that they can just instruct staff to work more and they would become more productive, but this is not the case. You must understand that the employees are actual individuals with a variety of issues that may be hurting their capacity to work. Some of these difficulties may be due to them, but others may be due to the working environment & resources you provide.

1. Workplace Distractions

Employers’ main concern is keeping workers focused on the task at hand. Because there are so many gadgets and most employees get a computer screen; it’s simple to lose track of time by browsing the internet, updating Facebook, and playing games. Freshbooks, the best online accounting software for small business can solve this issue.  Although there are programs available to limit online use in the office, many businesses require access. Thus employees must be self-disciplined to avoid wasting time.

2. Email checking is a full-time job.

Many employees become caught up in the loop of reading emails, responding, and replying when they might be concentrating on the job at hand. Unless an email requires an immediate response, it may wait till you have allocated time to deal with mail interactions. Setting aside time in the morning time, during lunch, and before you leave for the day to handle emails & letters is a smart habit. Try to stick to your plan as much as possible, as checking your email frequently can lower your performance during the day.

3. Procrastination When It Comes to Tasks

Every activity you perform at work will require some thinking to ensure that it is completed as effectively and completely as possible. Taking enough time to consider how to handle a phone conversation or compose an email to a customer might slow you down. It is necessary to think clearly and concisely, and once a choice has been reached, it must be followed through. In telesales situations, where continual activity is as crucial as the quality, procrastination is a typical productivity killer.

4. Working in the Wrong job

You could be in any wrong job if you hate working full time on Monday mornings or excitedly watch your clock until it’s time to come home. Many people prioritize financial stability over personal fulfillment, making it difficult to bite that bullet & try something that would be either more suitable to them or, more importantly, something that offers them personal joy as well as a sense of identity.

To be successful, people do not need to be economic gurus, accountants, or company leaders. Some people are natural flowers, hairstylists, or instructors. Some people excel at math, while others excel at dealing with people. Fortunately, taking up such problems isn’t as daunting as it may look.

5. Under Planning

Lacking a strategy for completing activities in the workplace might result in continual delays and interruptions. As previously said, you must have a clear plan in place in order to accomplish projects on time. Employers can assist in the creation of a road map for how certain duties inside the firm should be handled. Employees will be kept aware, and corporate procedures will be consistent across the board. Workers will also have a daily or weekly plan in place which details the tasks that must be completed.

6. Having Too Many Plates Spinning

Multitasking is thought to be a wonderful talent for every worker to have. However, this isn’t entirely true. Handling many tasks at once has been shown to cause time loss and overlook since your brain is focusing on more than one difficult topic. Workers should try to complete one job before moving on to the next whenever possible. This improves the quality of the job and cuts down on time delays. Avoiding overburdening staff with too many responsibilities can help them stay focused and avoid becoming overwhelmed; which may lead to uninterested and dissatisfied employees.


The bottom line is that you can’t blame workers for being slackers if productivity is hurting; it’s up to you to ensure that you establish an atmosphere in which they can thrive, and they’ll begin working more effectively as a result. The first step is to figure out what’s causing your lack of productivity, after which you can start looking for answers. These 6 reasons are some of the possible causes behind your workers’ lack of productivity at work.

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