The internet is becoming a staple for everyone, but it is essentially an absolute need for GenZ! It is getting impossible for them to stay without them. 

At times like this, if your child or kid is spending the majority of their time on an electronic device, accessing the internet for whatever reason, it is okay to be concerned as a parent But, the question is, should you monitor your child’s internet usage!

If your child is a minor, as a concerned parent, it is not illegal. However, you should know till what point it is okay, and after which point it becomes off privacy for any individual.

For example, checking the timing your child spends on each social media application is absolutely fine. But, you trying to go through their chats and DMs is highly inappropriate. This is why you need some more understanding of this subject.

How To Track Anything!

There are applications and tools specifically created for concerned parents. They will help you to track the exact timing that your child is spending over the internet. You can even divide it based on their academic usage, social media, and other miscellaneous use. You need to get some of the people in the making some.

Now, some of these applications can be quite pricey, and we can understand why you would think of them as a wasted expenditure. Do not worry, because, with ipiratebay, you can get all these applications for free!

How Should You Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage!

Now that you have already searched for this article, that means you have decided to use this tactic. As said before, there is no problem as long as you understand the boundary. This is what you should know.

1. Talk To Them About This

Your child will be more angry or frustrated if they find out that you have been snooping. This can also cause a barrier of trust between you and your child. Thus, always have a healthy discussion with them before tracking anything.

They might argue at first, but they might also be alert after this. For example, if you are worried they are spending too much time on social media, they will be spending less time now that they know you are tracking their usage.

2. Strike Up A Healthy Balance

As we have already discussed before, it is very important that you strike up a healthy balance between what is okay and what is not.

You cannot simply sit there and go through every text and dm because that is a clear breach of privacy, but you can definitely check their profiles and what kind of pictures they are uploading over there. After all, they are all minor!

3. Check Whether They Are Hiding Any Application

Yes, your child could be hiding some applications in your phone and wouldn’t even know it. In order to check this, you first go to your phone’s ‘app drawer.’ Over there, you will find three dots at the right top corner of the screen.

You will then get an option called the ‘Home Screen’ clicking on, which will take you to the hide app menu, and you will be able to access all the hidden applications on the phone.

4. Research About The Games

Games can have a major impact on teens and children, and you always need to keep a check on their gaming habits.

Thus, you should check the games that your child is operating on the phone or the PC and do your own personal research about them. Try to decipher their behavior based on the games that they are playing.

5. Check Their Social Media Platforms [From Someone Else’s Phone]

At times, children can get clever and block their parents from their social media profiles. Yes, this might sound a little snooping, but just to check the profile and the picture, you can check them through someone else’s profile.

This is just to ensure that they are not lying about their age and also check their uploaded pictures to see whether they are too inappropriate.

Why You Need To Check These!

There have been cases of catfish where minors are scammed to meet older people, and as a teen, they do not have better judgment. Plus, the internet can be a scary place with all the data breaches and infiltration of privacy. That’s why you need to monitor part of their usage.

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