Over the past decade, VoIP technology has gotten extremely popular. You might wonder why businesses are employing a VoIP phone system. A VoIP phone system can do much more than increase your savings by lowering the overall cost. 

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as the name suggests, the technology used the internet to make calls instead of a mobile network or landline. The technology works by using the voice signals and converting them into digital data signals then the broadband line is used to send the data. There are a lot of advantages to implementing VoIP business technology. It is cheaper compared to a normal phone line. Using VoIP can mean that you pay nothing whenever you make a call, but it depends on the distance and location. In a number of cases, you can actually spend hours on conference phones for free. 

In this article, we are going to discuss why every business is ditching analogue phone lines in favor of VoIP phone systems.

Your Phone Number Follows You Anywhere You Go

    With VoIP, you can get all incoming calls routed to your mobile, desk or office. It is up to you to choose where you want to work from. VoIP sends all calls intelligently to your available location. once employed you wouldn’t miss any important phone calls, or you can return to the office to a lot of voicemails. 

Upgrade And Expand The Functionality

For as less as £3 per user per month, you can switch your current business phone and get a new business VoIP phone system. VoIP offers features including call waiting, voicemail, hunt group which is all easily managed through an online portal. 

Other Office Systems Integrated With Your Voip Phone System

    Desktop support, CRM, email everything is linked to your VoIP phone system, so it is a lot easier to access contacts and reply to all the important problems which you face during a working day. Hence, what you will require to make VoIP phone work for you depends on the technique of VoIP system which you are going to employ. First, you will require an internet connection, more preferably a fibre optic which is far more reliable. Ideally, you will want an unlimited VoIP plan hence you will be capable of having the freedom to talk for as long as you wish to. If you want to get the best VoIP service experience you will require an Ethernet connection or a complete FTTP which are accessible with a few business broadband providers. 

    If you wish to use VoIP business for small business phone services, then you will have to buy the licenses from a VoIP service provider and if you already do not have one then you also need a compatible phone. If the telephone plugs into an Ethernet network, then ensure that your router is also compatible. In order to use the VoIP services on your computer, it is usually a good start to have a desktop computer or a laptop which is able to connect to the internet. Also, you will need to have a working set of headphones, speakers, a microphone or a headset. You might also consider getting a headset to get the highest quality however it is not essential, if they can hear you, you will be off to a good start. For the majority of VoIP providers, you won’t have any option but to keep your existing landline since you will need a line rental to get a broadband connection. 

Access Through A Smartphone

    Now you no longer need to be in the workplace to connect to your telephone system. With VoIP, you can receive phone calls to your business or Direct Dial-In (DDI) on your smartphone. You can also access the office directory to make and receive phone calls just as if you were working in the office through the VoIP phone system app installed on your smartphone. You can access the Free VoIP UK through a smartphone via one of two methods. First, you can utilise an app which allows you to make and receive calls like skype, facebook messenger, WhatsApp, facetime and several more. This is one of the simplest ways to employ VoIP. If you call someone who has the app and access to the internet, then it is free and user-friendly.

    Also, you can use a VoIP system on your phone. You can make and receive calls which use the minutes from your VoIP plan, this is an advantage if you have specific deals like cheap long distance calling.

Access On Your Computer

    In addition, with VoIP, you can make and receive audio and video calls just like you would if you were in the workplace from your iPad, tablet, laptop or home computer. VoIP services exist wherever you wish to work, and it provides you with all of the functions which you might require for working remotely.  Also, it is easier to send and receive faxes as well. If you call mobile or landline then the call will be routed via your office minutes agreement. 

    There is no doubt that VoIP has taken the business world by storm because of the financial savings which it can make against the expenses of regular landlines. Also, you get higher call quality which can be made, and the service is consistent even when a lot of other individuals in the workplace are using the phone. If you have a slow internet connection, then it means there will be low call quality however usually business internet is enhancing and if you have fibre optic then you are going to be fine. In a lot of cases, you will be capable of keeping your existing phone number, but it will depend on the service provider if they can switch it over or not. However, in other cases you wouldn’t even need a phone number. Further, the cost depends on your VoIP setup. Calls from app to app are usually free and those provided by a business come at a monthly charge.     If businesses continue to take up VoIP phone plans at such a fast rate, then it is likely that the analogue telephone lines could soon become a thing of the past. If you haven’t yet made the switch to the VoIP phone services, then now is the time for an upgrade and ensure that your business does not get left behind. There are several business VoIP providers in the market you just need to select the one which is right for you.