The pandemic has caused drastic damage to many aspects of society. Jobs are lost, schools are suspended, and each country’s overall tourism and economy are very low. Unfortunately, many businesses and employees are still gravely affected by the COVID-19 until now, but some establishments are starting to operate again once the health and safety protocols of some communities are modified.

Some institutions and organizations boost their market and sales once again, but they can’t operate like they used to. They have to adapt to the “new normal”. Everyone has to maintain social distancing, avoid mass gatherings, and frequently clean and sanitize the hands and the surroundings. In this article, you can get ideas about designing an office that adheres to the social distancing rule.

Office Design Tips for Social Distancing

Different kinds of Elite Office Furniture are available for you to create an office that does not only follow strict COVID-19 protocols but also ensures that you still build a cozy and stylish workplace. You can consider adding items like cubicles, movable tables, and acoustic furniture.

  • Installing office cubicles is a safe and effective way to guarantee the safety of the workers. It promotes privacy and provides a shield from other workers. It is very flexible; it is a strong representation of the phrase “so close yet so far”, which is very significant nowadays. The employees still work closely with one another, but it doesn’t compromise their safety because they work in cubicles.
  • Movable tables are also a great addition to the office. They come in very handy in a meeting. Co-workers can still see one another in one room, but they can still easily move the tables to make sure that they maintain proper distance apart. Adding glass or any transparent material on the table is also a functional way to separate the people in a room. 
  • Perhaps the workers somehow got a little used to working from home, and then suddenly they started going back to the office, and it makes them miss the soft and comfortable chairs (or beds) they used to work in. Acoustic furniture is also ideal for installing. It is specified with features like noise-reduction and heightened privacy. Similar to cubicles, it provides considerable space for workers as well. It would also be very favourable for the employees who are introverts and for those who prefer to work alone and undisturbed. Employees will surely love working in office lounges too.

Additional Trendy Office Design Ideas

Working in an office can be tiring and exhausting, so it is important to maintain cleanliness and organization. It will also help if there are added accent designs to further improve the workplace’s appearance and functionality. All of the abovementioned design tips and ideas are essential to improve and strengthen safety and efficiency. Choose the types of Elite Office Furniture that will best suit your office and preference. Make sure to pop some colors. You can go for the neutral tones, then add some bright accent shades for a sleek and professional-looking office. Add some plants too. Life got so much more these days.

Final Thoughts

Before opening and starting to operate establishments once again, it is fundamental that they are fully prepared. Conduct a briefing with your workers, spread awareness, practice proper hygiene with oneself and the environment, provide adequate sanitation areas, and follow health and safety protocols. You can still create a worker-friendly office even during this time of the pandemic. Furniture ideas like cubicles, movable tables, acoustic furniture, and other functional decorations will come in handy.