You became a college student, but your academic expectations are different from what you imagined? Well, making a successful career in college is no easy task. Of course, the lecture schedule is a little more relaxed than in school, but the educational institutions leave you with many responsibilities. For example, teachers ask students to participate in organizational issues, Olympiads, competitions, etc. At the same time, you need to cope with daily tasks: create essay papers, presentations, buy groceries, cook food, clean the room.

Due to this workload, many of you are lagging in your study schedule, thinking that there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with everything and keep abreast of the news. However, many online services are open to you in the digital age that is ready to write essays, create a book report, presentation tables, and much more. With these resources, you will increase your productivity and make the most of your time. Don’t know what valuable services exist for college students? We’ve put together seven resources to help you get A+ and become the best student in your faculty!


After graduating from high school, do you think you won’t have to write an essay in college anymore? College, like school, asks students to write essays – twice as many. If you don’t have time to submit your essays on time and your academic reputation suffers, you should use the services of professional writers. BidForWriting is an online service that provides professional essay writing, editing, and rewriting services.

The company has an excellent online reputation, is legal, and has assembled a team of teachers, linguists, editors. Many experts have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees; are graduates of prestigious universities. To get help, tell the author, “write my essay for me,” and the expert will fulfill your request as soon as possible. The website also has helpful information on how to finish an essay, format links, make text readable, and much more. In addition, the company has a pleasant price list and guarantees. Therefore, with them, essay writing will seem the most straightforward task.


Do you need to write a research paper using charts or tables? Do you not know how to build these elements? Canva makes it easy to create charts and tables. Canva makes your diagrams original, visually pleasing, and interesting in minutes. In doing so, you need to have programming skills or go through tedious training. The company uses the best automated systems!

Here you can find templates from over 20 chart types. You can also control colors, add images, expand columns, and more – Canva is the place to be creative. Even if you don’t understand much about graphics, the service has drag-and-drop options that make this task easy. You can download all tables in high resolution, share and insert them into presentations. So with Canva, you’ll be one step ahead of your classmates!


Do you have math problems and can’t solve them? Chegg is an online platform that provides answers to math problems and guides college students through completing an assignment. Chegg contains a base of solutions – you can enter a keyword and find extended answers. You can also create tasks with which you need help.

Besides helping with math, Chegg is a plagiarism detection platform. The service quickly finds copied information, and your academic reputation is not compromised. The platform is also suitable for college students looking for an internship or interview preparation assistance. Chegg is available 24/7.


Programming has become the most demanded and highly profitable direction. Codeacademy is an online platform that helps you master programming skills, whether you need it to create research or get a new job. The platform has collected all the information you need to know in this area, allows you to apply knowledge in practice quickly, and provides feedback to keep you on the right track. Do you want to close your student loans? Codeacademy is a great option to become a programming expert!


Preparing for the exam requires a lot of effort and becomes a cause of mental breakdown for many students, especially preparing for the MCAT. Cram is an online service that has created thousands of flashcards on various topics to help students memorize information better. If you are strong in a certain discipline, you can create your cards and share life hacks with other students. You can use Cram anywhere because there is an application for smartphones that allows you to learn information on the go. If you need sample essays or want to find ideas for essays, Cram will provide that.


Do you want to learn not to miss classes or project deadlines but don’t want to deal with paper notes? Evernote is an online platform that lets you take notes and keep track of important information. The tool is perfect for storing study files, photos, voice memos – Evernote is compatible with Siri and Google. You can also share files saved in Evernote with other people.

Note that Evernote allows you to store PDFs or web pages that you need for your studies. This way, you don’t have to flip through your phone’s vault to find the data you want. If you set a time frame for tasks, Evernote will remind you to complete the task.

Purdue OWL

Purdue OWL is the most powerful productivity tool ever, accessing the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. You do not need to be a student at this university, as the website is open to the whole world. Purdue OWL’s goal is to help students cope with any academic assignment. For example, writing exercises, citation guidelines for Chicago, MLA, APA, writing essays tips are the most requested by OWL users. The platform also provides advice on finding jobs and internships. Therefore, when you open the Purdue OWL Library, you will have any manual at hand without having to browse hundreds of web pages to find the information you need.

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