Do you want to explore personality tests? Then stay with this guide and take a look further. In general, a personality assessment test is a tool that is useful for assessing the human personality. 

The personality tests are useful for understanding the characteristic patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that people reveal in most circumstances. That kind of test can find how individuals can react and respond in multiple situations. The personality test is a valuable tool to measure personality and is helpful for academic and hiring purposes. 

Types of personality tests:

The personality tests come in two major types such as projective tests & self-report inventories.

  • Projective tests

The projective tests belong to the particular method of personality assessment from which the test items are tricky and confusing. Those test items will have words, pictures, ambiguous shapes, scenes, drawings, abstract images, and incomplete sentences. 

The test takes must have to respond to various test items through their understanding. Hence such test attempts have to understand the underlying personality characteristics via the candidate’s responses. The rating scale is the best method to assess the performance of the employee. It will mainly include a scale of 1 to 10 points.

  • Self-report inventories

The self-report inventories are based on personality questionnaires that the individual fills out. Objective tests or self-report tests post questions to various test takers on various personal interests, preferences, values and behavioral patterns, and much more. 

The personality traits of people include their principles and morals, disposition, driving factors, and ideologies. It can easily identify the performance of the workplace to the next level. Hence, personality assessments are the most unique way to evaluate the characteristic traits of applicants for a particular job role. 

Reason to assess personality:

The personality is the stable characteristic of every individual. It mainly determines the person’s motivations, behavior, preferences, and much more. Here personality conveys all you need to explore about individuals before hiring them. 

You can learn about their dark side and positive ability to collaborate with teams, whether they can succeed as individual contributors or fit in the team etc. Such detailed insights improve the importance of assessing an organization’s personality. 

The behavior of the individual may change through training or contact with circumstances. The changes in the core personality are very hard to consider at any time. Hence, when the organisation chooses candidates, it means that the personality aligns with the demand of the job role and the organization’s culture.

List of best personality assessments:

There are certain additional types of personality assessment available. Those tests are useful in screening job candidates. Some other tests can be useful in various settings to investigate deeper into the personality of the subject. Such tests can be administered for a wide range of purposes. But the core intent remains the same such as scientific and systematic assessment of various characteristic patterns of traits that someone reveals in various settings. 

Here you can focus on various personality assessments that are important for organizational development and selection. These tests can be helpful in assessing the complete spectrum of personality traits from dark to positive traits. 

The positive traits are compassion, curiosity and much more are instrumental in developing a culture of positivity, resilience, success, and innovation. The dark personality traits are self-obsession, insensitivity, and much more. It can signify undesirable characteristics that impact the organization, employees, and clients negatively. 

Such tests can let your organizations find critical behavioral competencies over industries and roles. It can be helpful for them to make better hiring decisions. Here you can explore the list of best personality assessments that are useful for organizations during the recruitment process across the globe. 

  • Personality Mapping Tool

The personality mapping tool can go beyond the Big Five Model of various personality traits by incorporating newer and modern traits based on the workplace. It is the best choice to assess the behavioral competencies and positive personality traits for Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives, and senior and leadership roles. 

  • Personality Inventory

The personality inventory can assess major personality constructs of candidates who are applying for certain entry-level roles. It can easily evaluate the behavioral competencies and positive personality traits of major junior employees. Along with that, employers can use such tools to unlock the objective information about the employee and candidate that are essential to understanding workplace behavior.

  • Dark Personality Traits Test:

The dark personality traits test can explore the socially undesirable traits like Narcissism, Machiavellianism, etc., in employees or candidates to explore the scoring high on various dark personality tests.

The research mainly indicates that people with more dark traits can deviate toward anti-social behavior. They are also more susceptible to causing certain social distress during certain work. Studies can also establish that those individuals can achieve superior social status and possess leadership qualities. 

  • Personality Profiler Tool

The personality profiler tool is also a personality assessment tool that is completely based on the big five models of personality traits. Then it is highly suitable to assess the behavioral competencies and positive personality traits of employees around the organization. It can be suitable for senior roles, first-time managers, and mid-level management.

  • Sales Profiler Tool

The sales profiler tool is very essential to assess the personalities of candidates and determine their suitability for various sales profiles. The personality profiler can be helpful in multiple ways for filtering out the undeserved candidates. It can also be helpful for them to know the in-depth insights along with the sales-centered roles effectively.

  • Leadership personality tests

Leadership personality tests are very important to assess the core character traits of candidates to evaluate whether they acquire the necessary attributes to excel or perform in managerial positions. These attributes include the motives of applicants along with their attitudes, goals, behavioral inclinations, and feelings. 

Final verdict: A reliable and valid personality test can generate stable scores since personality is more stable after a certain age. Hence, individuals have to get the same results on various occasions in the most effective quality tests.

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