If you still think that taking betters photos is only possible with DSLR and other camera devices then you are familiar with new Photography Apps which help you to capture better and eye-popping photos and videos from your smartphone and tablet for free.

Before these photography apps, it is not easy for everyone to choose photography as their career because they need to buy expensive cameras. But now anyone can start a career as a photographer by using these new apps on their smartphone and tablet.

In this article, we will provide information about some free photography apps which will help newbies to take the best photos and videos for their smartphones and tablet. As you know that every device has it is own built-in camera app which has not have enough features and tools to get better results.

What is Photography Apps?

Basically, these apps help simple users to convert their smartphone and tablet to camera devices with the latest tools, effects, and features which help them to capture the best shots, images, and videos from their smartphones for free.

As you know that before smartphone technology people have to hire a photographer to capture images and videos. But now everyone can easily capture or take the best photos and videos from their smartphone and tablet using different photography apps.

People can now easily get thousands of photography apps on the internet and the google play store. Some apps are free and few are paid. Users can easily use free apps without watermarks. However, to use premium apps users need to pay money.

Friendly saying fee apps are enough for daily photos and videos. However, for professional use, people need to use paid or premium apps that have almost all features which users in top camera devices like DSLR, etc.

What are the top Photography Apps for android users on google play store and third-party websites?

As clearly mentioned in the above paragraph that there are tons of camera apps on the internet. we have only mentioned a few apps below which are based on users’ reviews and ratings. However, you may also try other apps too for better features too.

Open Camera App

This is one of the best camera apps which help users to capture photos and videos with their smartphone and tablet-like professional photographers.

People love this new camera app because it allows them to take full control over their device camera by changing the setting manual through this new app.

This app contains so many features like, alignment blip, noise reduction, light setting, etc. which you can easily adjust according to your need while capturing videos and photos.

Apart from capturing videos and photos, users will also get a chance to edit them using this app by trimming, an unwanted portion from the video which they have captured through this new app.

As you know that most free camera apps have built-in pop-up ads which irritate users while taking photos. This app has a UI interface that is free from watermarks and ads which provide user’s smooth experience.

Candy Camera App

This new camera app is not for professional purposes because it only works for the selfie camera. So, most of this app is used by social media users who want to upload daily selfies with different stickers, filters, and transitions to attract more followers to their account.

As you know that most famous social apps have added stickers, filters, and other features but still people have this new selfie app. Because of its amazing features and AR technology which help them to look better and beautiful.

People can easily download this new selfie app from google play store and other legal app stores for free. Apart from the legal app store, it is also available on the third-party website to o internet for free.

Footej Camera 2 App

This app is the best app for a professional photographer who wants to capture both images and videos from a single app. In this app, users will get different video resolutions and other graphics options that help them to capture high-quality photos and videos.

Apart from the resolution aspect this app also has Auto-HDR capabilities which help users to capture live and motion effects photos like iPhones and other expensive devices from your smartphone and tablet for free.

Apart from capturing photos and videos this app also helps users to use the basic editor tool with different features which help users to convert short videos to GIFs and edit videos and add different effects for free.

Image of Mobile Photography Apps

Simple Camera App

This is one of the simple camera apps which is best for new users who don’t have an idea about camera tools and effects. It has a simple and clean interface that everyone can easily use on all types of android devices for free.

All the above-mentioned apps are based on users’ reviews and ratings. For more apps stay tuned to our website and also share them with your family and friends.

Final Words,

Photography Apps is the best platform for android users who want to capture the best photos and videos. If you want to capture your life events in the camera eye then try these new apps and also share them with other users too.