While running a business, a businessman has to look after so many things that are beneficial for the growth and productivity of a firm. The ultimate motive of a company is to enhance the sales of their business and earn more revenues and do fewer expenses in an accounting year. One of the easiest ways to increase your business’s productivity is by engaging more and more customers. With outsourcing chat support service you can do that very easily. Live chat agents will solve the query of the customers live. 

If a company hires an outsource chat support service, it will add up to the company’s cost and if your budget is limited, you must take notes before hiring from outside of the business. One can also provide the live chat service for clients from within the organization to avoid extra costs. Hire a person who can do multitasking and your firm will be good to go. But there are times when the work is overwhelming and we have to take help from others. Let us see the pros and cons of In-house and outsourced live chat support in brief.

Various groups who can work as live chat agents for your business are:

There are three categories which can work as live chat agents for your company. Let us have a look at those three groups very quickly.

●      A live chat company

●      The customer support department of your business

●      A mix of both the live chat support company and in-house employees

What do you think about a live chat option for your business?

This should be the first question to come to your mind, while thinking about your business’s live chat service. Let us see the perfect answer to this question down below very quickly.

●      To increase the productivity of your business.

●      To engage more and more customers.

●      To build CRM

●      To solve and help put customers.

Merits and demerits of In-office team for best live chat solutions:

There are a couple of merits and demerits of In-office teams for live chat, let us discuss those factors one by one. One can assign their customer support team with live chat options for a couple of weeks to know how they will work with it etc.

One may have to provide them with sufficient training to operate love chat options and how they have to connect with the customers and all. If you operate live chat support In-office, you will get to know about customers, preferences, likings and disliking’s, etc.

Doing live chat from In-office will improve your CRM with your customers and get the chance to know about your customer. You will be able to solve customers’ queries with ease because you know about the pryour company’s and service very well.

In-office live chat support may increase the sale and you will be able to bring credibility and goodwill for the company. Because In-office staff have the best knowledge about the products and service of your business. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of In-office live chat support very quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages of In-house staff for live chat support:

Plus pointsNegative points
Have the best knowledge about the product and services of your business.Require extra training to learn about the functions of live chat systems.
Data and sensitive information of a company remain safe.Need extra funds for the training process of the staff.

Merits and demerits of Outside live chat support:

If your organization size is bigger and you don’t get the time to get in touch with your customers, then hiring outside live chat support is a must for your company. If you provide services and products to a number of customers, then live chat support from an outsider company works the best for you because it is affordable.

An average live chat agent can solve the queries of more than four people at a time. They can manage numerous people in a day which is not possible for regular In-staff. Their main role is to connect with a customer and ask them for their queries and feedback etc.

Merits and demerits of a mixture of both In-house and outsource live chat support:

This method is unique as it combines both the mythos, i.e. In-house and the outsourced live chat support from an outsider. It is beneficial because a business can distribute the work among both the parties in shifts and eventually save a lot of money. Ask In-office staff to handle customers queries till office working hours and after that pass the work to the outsource live chat support.

And a company can also distribute the work according to the categories of the work and accordingly. With this type of hybrid, your company can see a possible growth in revenues in no time. There are no demerits of this option but there is one disadvantage that is it may create chaos among both the parties sometimes.


Now you may be having a better idea about which option you have to choose a live chat option for your business. After considering these points choose the best possible choice according to your business requirements.  

Search for live chat providers online and hire professional live chat support agents for your company and increase your company’s productivity and push the growth of your company.