Are you having a hard time protecting your wooden floors?

Wooden floorings are beautiful and durable interior material. It supports walking and can make or break a space. They have a reputation for toughness and imperviousness to any manner of abuse.

However, it’s crucial to take the proper steps to protect your wood floors from wear and tear. To know more, here are some helpful tips and tricks for wood floor protection. Read on and learn more.

Don’t Use Shoes on It

Shoes can compromise the flooring protection of your wooden floors. It builds up dirt or mud throughout the house. It wreaks havoc on your floor aesthetics in the long run. Also, some shoes have special designs that can dent or scratch the floor.

To avoid further damage, keep a mat and shoe rack near the entrance of your home. Tell your family members or visitors to slip off their shoes before entering. Instead of wearing shoes at home, opt for slippers since they do little to no damage to a hardwood floor.

Avoid Dragging Furniture 

When moving your furniture in a new house with brand new floors, never drag it around. Even if it’s a hardwood floor, the surface will face inevitable damage. The best option is to ask a family member or friends to help carry the furniture across the surface.

Limit Floor Traffic Damage

Wooden floors provide excellent platforms for walking traffic and impact. However, it doesn’t have enough wood floor protection to avoid wear and tear.

If you have children in your home, be vigilant with their daily activities. They’re not the sole cause of damaging wooden flooring. However, they rank as one of the primary culprits.

Plan a Cleaning Routine

Your cleaning routine will play an essential role to protect your wood floors. Keep in mind, even a bit of maintenance can go a long way in taking care of your floor. 

Use a broom and mop to clean your wood floors at least twice a week. It helps prevent dirt and dust from building up and wearing floors down. It’s the surest way to keep pet hair and gritted mess to a minimum.

Use Floor Sealers

Floor sealers provide an excellent solution to protect your flooring. It serves as a protective coating that can build when applied per layer. When applying a Seal-Once coating, you’ll control how the finished floor looks.

Use These Tips to in Protecting Your Wood Floors Now!

Don’t wait for an accident to happen due to broken wood flooring. Protect your wood floors as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits that come with them.

We hope these tips can help you protect your wooden flooring. Use these tips to make the most out of your cleaning routine.

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