Are you an employer looking to improve accountability in the workplace?

Good workplace accountability is important for a successful business, but how can you help make your workers more accountable?

We have a few tips to get you started. If you’re trying to learn how to increase accountability in the workplace, or if you’re just trying to see if you’re on the right track for success, read on. We have the answers for you.

Lead By Example

The best thing that you can do to increase accountability amongst your workers is to lead by example. How do you approach accountability?

When you’re an employer, you’re also a leader. Make sure that you’re taking accountability for your space, your actions, and your mistakes. If you don’t, your employees will be less willing to do the same.

Make Clear Common Areas

While employees have their own spaces, make sure that you make it clear which spaces are considered “common spaces”, the responsibility of all employees.

This includes things like breakrooms, free spaces within the office setup, snack areas, or more.

When you set out office responsibilities, cycle through workers for the common areas so that everyone is trained to have equal responsibility for these places. This makes everyone feel more encouraged to keep them tidy.

Teach Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is crucial for any job, but it isn’t just to keep people safe. Workplace safety training also teaches your employees best practices for how to behave in the workplace and how to keep it maintained.

Workplace safety training often goes over the consequences of making workplace safety mistakes (like work carelessness, messiness, and more). Some of these consequences are harmful, if not deadly.

Training your workers lets them know that they’re responsible for the team as a whole, and what the potential outcome can be if they ignore that responsibility.

Teamwork vs Independence

Does your staff feel like a team, or are they just a group of people who are forced to share space for a few hours per day?

Having a “team” atmosphere can help your workers feel responsible for each other. You can achieve this through work uniforms, team-building exercises, and even matching name tags.

While operating as a team is good, making sure that your employees know that they’re also responsible for their own actions is also important. A rogue employee blaming someone else on their “team” for what they did isn’t an ideal outcome.

Giving each employee a magnetic name tag lets them know that while they’re part of the team, they still have to maintain accountability for their own actions. It will also help you force that accountability if it’s necessary. Customers or other staff members can identify the misbehaving employee with their tag.

Accountability In the Workplace Starts With You

When you’re trying to increase accountability in the workplace, make sure that you’re setting a good example and fostering a safe environment in which your employees feel supported.

Happy employees are more likely to hold themselves and each other accountable. When you feel like a team, you’ll act like a team!

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