The probiotics market is expected to be worth more than $77 billion by the end of 2025. With any booming industry, you have to have good manufacturers.

If you’re one of the probiotics manufacturers out there, you need to have good quality control tests at your facility. 

What is quality control? Why should you care about it?

Please keep reading to learn more about quality control and why it’s important for any probiotic manufacturer. 

What Is Quality Control?

Quality control is how a business makes sure its products and services are consistent and of the same quality all the time. 

A business has to train its employees, create goals for quality levels, and test the products and services. 

Having the controls defined upfront is important for quality control. The controls become the standard of what the business is looking for.

In a nutshell, quality control manages the quality of what the business provides. It also helps businesses know what has gone wrong through testing and training. 

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality control are often used in the same way, but they aren’t equal terms. Both are associated with quality management, but they are different ways of managing that quality. 

Quality control, as we said, is all about making sure that quality products or services are provided. Quality assurance is making sure that everyone else knows that the business has high-quality standards. 

Quality assurance comes from doing quality control because employees and the public know they can trust the business. 

What Should Probiotics Manufacturers Know?

You can produce a high quantity of probiotics fairly easily. But, the quality may not be there without quality control and sufficient testing.

To ensure the public trusts you, you must answer a few basic questions about your practices.

These questions are:

  • How do you test for shelf life?
  • Does your probiotic packaging prevent moisture from building up?
  • What are your practices for controlling temperature and humidity during production?
  • What is the substantiation you look for in each strain?

Because the probiotics market is so competitive, you have to stand above the rest with your quality. 

What Are the Tests You Need to Do?

Some of the tests that manufacturers have to do for quality control are likely things you already do. However, you may be missing some of the major points. 

The testing types that you should have as a probiotics manufacturer include:

  • Verification of species
  • Shelf-life studies
  • Microbial testing
  • Viability studies

Creating a Quality Control Plan

Probiotics manufacturers should know what to do before a quality control inspector arrives.

Having high-quality systems in place so that the probiotics are safe and effective is important. By doing this, you will help your business continue to succeed.

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