Do you usually wait for a problem with your roof, such as a leak or a blown-off shingle, before having it inspected? The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends having your roof inspected twice a year to check for potential damage.

Depending on the type of roof you have, many roofs can last twenty, thirty, and even fifty years. But if the time has come to repair or replace your roof, you will be looking for a solar company in Bakersfield or a commercial roofing contractor. 

Before you sign a contract, make sure you know what questions you should be asking, and what answers you should be getting in return. 

1. Are You a Licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Many states require contractors to be licensed and have their licensing available to all customers. Quick research into your local and state requirements can tell you whether a company needs a license.

A licensed roofing contractor has gone through the long process of passing exams, as well as paying fees to stay licensed. While it is still recommended that you look into anyone you hire, working with those who carry licenses can help reduce the risk of bad workmanship and liability on your part.  

2. Will You Provide Me With a Quote?

Comparing quotes is a good way to sift through the competition and narrow down your choices. While providing you with an estimate, roofing contractors are also showing you the professional side of their business.

  • Were they easy to work with?
  • Did they provide a quote based on what you asked for?
  • Offer multiple quotes with options?
  • Did they ask to come to see your roof before providing a quote?
  • Were they professional in all their communications?

Before you agree to the estimate, always ask if there are hidden fees or anything that would drastically change the cost of the order. 

3. Do You Offer a Warranty?

There are three main types of roofing warranties.

The standard manufacturer’s warranty will cover your purchase of products, while a workmanship warranty is usually provided by the contractor to cover installations. An extended manufacturer’s warranty can extend the coverage for certain products and includes work provided by the contractor. 

It is common for most installations and repairs to provide a standard warranty. Check with a roofing contractor, such as this roof maintenance company, to find out what else they can offer you. 

4. Are You Covered By Insurance?

Two areas of concern when hiring a professional roofing contractor are whether they carry business liability insurance and if they provide workers’ compensation. 

Liability insurance will help protect you from damages to your home and property created by the company. If there is a work-caused injury, workers’ compensation keeps the homeowner from the risk of liability. 

You can always ask for proof of insurance from a contractor. 

5. Are You a Roofer Near Me?

When looking for bids or quotes from companies, it’s important to ask where they provide service. Some companies, even ones local to you, may have service areas where they prefer to work.

Choosing a company, when you live outside of their work area, can add extra fees for travel, dumping of materials, or labor costs to your total. 

Your Roof Is Worth It

Choosing the best commercial roofing contractor for the job can be the easiest part of the process, as long as you ask the right questions. When you find the top company for your needs, you’ll be enjoying your new roof in no time. 

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