The more than 800,000 police officers across the country are staples within their communities, which is why it’s a popular career choice for many strong individuals. 

When someone becomes a police officer they take on more than just a career but a whole lifestyle. It’s a big choice to become a police officer, one that comes with a lot of responsibility and work to excel and succeed. That’s why the decision should be made with a lot of care and research. 

To help you make the most informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven reasons to look into police jobs. 

1. Help Your Community 

Obviously, one of the most important roles of police departments is to be helpers in their communities. They spend their time doing everything they can to make their towns as safe and welcoming as possible, completing tasks that range from the minor helping someone with a flat tire to the major of stopping major crimes. 

These acts of service bring with them a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. When you’re a police officer, you can go to bed every night knowing that you have made a difference. 

Many people who feel a great connection to their hometowns want to do everything they can to keep them in top shape, which is why they take on this role. 

2. Save Lives 

Not only do police officers do a lot to make a difference around their communities, they literally save lives on a regular basis. That sense of accomplishment is a huge positive aspect of the job for many officers. 

Saving a life doesn’t just mean preventing the person from dying, it can also come in the form of changing the trajectory of their life. Many people who have run-ins with the police have two options; keep going the way they’re going or have a complete change and get on a better path. Often, the police they interact with have a major influence on which way they go. 

Seeing those positive interactions can often be just as satisfying! 

3. Reasonable Pay and Benefits

Any career choice decision isn’t complete without looking into the salary and benefits that are possible. Luckily, those who are interested in working in police work will be happy with what they find. 

A police officer can earn around $70,000 per year on average, though many states have higher rates than that. 

Potential officers should also look into healthcare coverage, retirement plans, overtime pay, and pensions. All of these things will play into how well a job will work for an individual and their family. There’s more to compensation than just the flat base pay, it’s important to clue into those as well. 

4. Wide Variety of Availability 

Some careers have very limited availability and opportunities only exist in specific geographic locations. But that is definitely not the case for police departments, you can find them in almost every city and town across the country. 

Not only are there police departments all across the country, but there are also varying law enforcement agencies you can join as well. That could include sheriff’s departments, state patrol, border patrol, or other agencies at the federal level. The possibilities and opportunities are practically endless for someone who wants to work in this field. 

5. Feelings of Unity 

The role of police work is critical and heavily regarded but it can also be very isolating and difficult. That’s why there is a strong law enforcement bond that develops within agencies and departments. 

A team learns to rely on each other both for safety and for support as they move through these difficult scenarios. 

Over the years there have been several traditions police departments have taken up to encourage and strengthen these bonds. You can search things like what is a police challenge coin to learn about one of the most popular. It’s hard to find a stronger bond than that one that’s developed through this line of work. Police challenge coins are a great way to show appreciation for the police officers in your community. These coins can be given to officers as a sign of respect, or they can be used as part of a challenge game between officers and civilians.

6. Professional Development Opportunities

In every law enforcement agency across the country, there are several departments and roles within it. Roles and responsibilities are always changing with opportunities for promotion and advancement. 

For those who want it, there are several ways you can continue your education, develop your skills, and even change jobs completely. Many police officers can even use those skills they learn on the force in areas outside of law enforcement or for other jobs after retirement. 

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Working your way up the ladder is a huge possibility that will not only help in financial ways but also in keeping your job exciting and engaging for years to come! 

7. Every Day Excitement 

Even without professional development and changing roles, being a police officer is an ever-exciting job every single day. Mainly because no two days will ever be exactly the same. 

The roles and responsibilities of a cop are a huge list, there are a million things you could do during every single shift. 

While there may be boring days, you’ll likely never be bored with your job overall and will most definitely come out with some interesting stories from all of the interactions you have with people. There aren’t many jobs that have as wide of a reach as being a police officer and it’s a major benefit. 

Reasons to Become a Police Officer 

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions anyone has to make, it will affect nearly every aspect of your life from then on. This is especially true when you choose to become a police officer. 

A career in law enforcement isn’t an easy one, but it’s one of the most rewarding things you can be a part of. There’s no end to the number of lives you can help or change, not to mention the bonds you can develop both with your team and in your community. There will be a lot to be pleased with when you look back on this kind of career. 

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