In today’s world, where mobility is important, you may be wondering if people are still buying desktop computers such as the Lenovo desktop PC. The answer to your question is yes. Despite people’s reliance on smartphones and tablets, computing processes are better done through a computer. While there are more powerful laptops than desktop computers, if you do not need to bring your computer everywhere you go, desktop PCs are still the best choice for you for the following reasons. 


The most powerful computer chipsets from manufacturers such as Intel and AMD will be installed in desktop computers first before a less powerful mobile version becomes available. This is because it is hard to make powerful chipsets in small versions and, likewise, other high-end major PC Components such as motherboards and graphics cards. 


If you compare computers to real estate properties, a laptop is like a single-bedroom condominium unit, while a desktop PC is a 1000-square meter lot with lots of room to build your home and other buildings of your choice. A Lenovo desktop PC will have a lot of room for you to expand from its basic components. For example, you can add a powerful GPU or graphics card to your basic Lenovo desktop PC for a more powerful gaming experience. 

If you do not need to move around a lot, you will not need a laptop. A desktop computer will be a better option for you because of the following reasons:

  • Lifespan. Laptop computers have a shorter lifespan than desktop PCs. An average laptop will only have three to five years before it is outdated or no longer running efficiently. On the other hand, desktop PCs have a lifespan of five to eight years. 
  • Upgradability. You can always upgrade your Lenovo desktop PC if it becomes outdated. For example, if a new CPU chipset has been released, you can have your old chipset replaced with the new one. If your motherboard can still support the latest chipset, then you do not need to purchase a new motherboard for the upgrade. Likewise, you can do the same for your GPU and memory capacity. 


Desktop PCs may allow you to customize their functionality depending on what you need. For example, if you are an avid gamer, you may install a high-end graphics card with its cooling modules to give you a great gaming experience. Likewise, if you need to have multiple monitors installed, you can install a high-end graphics card or multiple graphics cards on your desktop PC. If storage is important to you, then a Lenovo desktop PC may allow you to have multiple storage options such as multiple SSDs and HDDs. 

You can easily convert your desktop PC into a home entertainment system by installing sound card expansions that can support a 7.1 speaker system. Likewise, a high-end graphics card paired with a high-end monitor or projector can give you a great viewing experience. 

A desktop PC is also a great tool for business purposes. You may use your Lenovo desktop PC for your home office. If you put your computer in a central location, your family may use it to do school work. If you add a printer to your Lenovo desktop PC, you may even convert it into your very own workstation.