There are many excellent games in the Legend of Zelda series, but Breath of the Wild is quickly considered the series’ pinnacle. Aspects of Breath of the Wild that make it the best game in the series include Link preparing food, Zelda petting a dog, and Link enduring being stranded at sea.

The Legend of Zelda games has received some of the highest praise of any video game franchise. Finding a dud in its vast library of adventure games is next to impossible. Fans of the franchise will defend even the weakest games in the series, although a select few have truly shone.

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1.   Breath of the Wild Disrupts the Status Quo

Breath of the Wild is, without a doubt, vastly different from its forerunners. The release of Breath of the Wild coincided with rumblings that the series had plateaued. The formula had become a touch too predictable. 2D top-down and 3D graphics have been used extensively throughout the Zelda series. Breath of the Wild would usher in an altogether new form of Zelda games, one that was freer and more open than anything that had come before.

2.   Treasures abound in Breath of the Wild.

Secrets abound in Breath of the Wild and make the setting come to life. Each Breath of the Wild playthrough is unique, from the Korok Seeds found to the Shrines completed.

One of the three mythological dragons can be seen floating in the air, and players can unearth more secrets. These experiences leave a lasting impression on the player and help to personalize the game. Few games surpass Breath of the Wild when giving players agency over their narratives and experiences in an RPG or adventure game.

3.   The Shrines in Breath of the Wild are Entertaining Mini-Games

Breath of the Wild, like many other regions, offers a fresh spin on the game’s signature puzzle-solving mechanic. While Breath of the Wild does have traditional dungeons, most of the game’s puzzles may be found in the game’s many Shrine locations.

The riddles in these Shrines are small and can range from being very easy to requiring the player to consult a walkthrough. It’s possible for some shrines to focus on fighting and need players to take out a specific foe. There is enough motivation to finish these as soon as they are discovered because doing so would unlock a new quick travel spot.

4.   Armor for a soldier

Breath of the Wild replaces Link’s green tunic with a complex armor system. New threads can be acquired from shops or looted from treasure chests. These armor sets are helpful for many reasons, including protection from the elements and easier climbing.

Players can experiment with different looks and benefits by combining other armor pieces or wearing a matched set. Moreover, the game’s four Great Fairies let players dye and improve several armor sets.

5.   The weapons available in Breath of the Wild are diverse.

Breath of the Wild’s Weapon Selection Screen, Including the Traveler’s Sword

Link’s arsenal of weapons and abilities is extensive, much like his suit of armor. The Link may now use spears, great swords, clubs, and his traditional swords and arrows. Players are encouraged to try out a variety of weapons to find the one that works best for them, even though these weapons all share a durability mechanic frequently cited as the game’s major drawback.

With the Sheikha Slate tablet, Link can also use powers like Magnesia and Bombs. They are great for fighting with or solving puzzles, and they’re also fun to play with.

6.   The game Breath of the Wild is all about taking risks.

The High Leap Over a Bomb

The idea of trying new things is central to this list. Strongly suggests doing new things. The game’s physics system is one way this is implemented. Players can discover amusing new ways to get around when they pool their skills. Even as seen in The Legend of Zelda, utilizing a bomb to propel Link when he is mounted on a shield. Breath of the Wild is built around letting players follow any mental path they want, and it frequently rewards them for doing so.

This willingness to try new things extends to the game’s many Shrines, some of which can be completed in multiple ways. It’s not rare for a player to complete a lengthy and challenging Shrine, only to discover after watching a video walkthrough that the problem may have been easily avoided.

7.   The Master Swordsman becomes Master Chef in the kitchen.

Breath of the Wild introduces a deep cooking system, among many other new features. The player can locate a wide selection of components to craft tasty meals. The player can search for recipes online or try cooking from scratch. These meals can cure Link and give him unique abilities, like increased defense or strength.

The ability to cook gives the player much control over the game’s difficulty and encourages them to explore the world in quest of unusual ingredients.

8.   The Champions, Link, and Zelda

Zelda fans were not unanimous in their praise or disdain for Breath of the Wild’s narrative. Several players complained that the game lacked history, while others found the story’s approach natural and surprisingly deep.

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Fans generally agree that the Champions and their successors are the game’s best characters. These people have depth and complexity, complete with their histories, perspectives, challenges, regrets, anxieties, and longings. Players of Breath of the Wild and its spinoff, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, are sure to remember many of these characters, who have amassed some of the largest fanbases of any Zelda game.

9.   The side quests in the game are among the most interesting in the entire series.

Distractions from the game’s main storyline are common in the Zelda series. This may involve optional minigames or tasks. Kafai’s quest in The Legend of Zelda: Major’s Mask is the most famous example of a Legend of Zelda side quest. There are plenty of interesting side quests to complete in Breath of the Wild. The most well-known of these is the side mission to assist in establishing Terrey Town from the ground up. This is a lengthy detour with a good ending.