Once email became popular, the fax machine fell out of fashion. Rather than sending printed documents from one place to another and hoping they’d arrive, companies chose email for its efficiency and reliability. Faxing has come a long way, though, and today’s technology combines the best aspects of faxing and email. Here, we’ll list a few major benefits of cloud fax services for businesses.

Conventional and Cloud Fax: Is There a Difference?

Cloud fax services offer a modern, cost-efficient option. Online faxes are sent through an internet connection, while conventional faxes require time, attention, a dedicated phone line, and a fax machine. Where office managers would once have to pay for paper and toner, the cloud fax service cost includes no such expenses.

No Complicated Hardware

Regular fax machines are complex, and they take up a lot of space in the average office. Furthermore, these machines require paper, ink, maintenance, and a skilled operator. Skipping the fax machine in favor of a cloud fax service will help managers save time and space.

Lower Costs

Online fax services help business owners save in many ways, including the dedicated phone line. A fax machine requires one, and the cost can be prohibitive for those who send faxes infrequently. Without a fax machine tied to a phone line, the only expense is the service subscription. With mFax, it’s easy to save.

Privacy and Security

In the past, conventional faxing was seen as a confidential and safe way to send documents. However, paperwork received in large offices could be read by anyone who walked by the fax machine. Cloud fax provides an additional layer of privacy by sending documents to a recipient’s inbox.


We’ve all been there—we’ve finished a long workday only to have a client call and say they’re sending crucial documents. Instead of rushing back to the office, have them send it to your inbox! Online faxing is always available, and sending a document is as easy as creating an email attachment.

Worldwide Usage

With conventional technology, sending an international fax is costly, but cloud fax services cost the same no matter where the fax is going. Sign up today and avoid the hassle and expense of international faxing.

Bonus Benefit: Scalability

Another great thing about online faxing is that it’s scalable. Whether you need one line or an entire company’s worth, cloud fax makes it easy to evolve as a business does. Call or click to learn how mFax’s services can be scaled to companies of all sizes.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are none we can think of! When businesses sign up for cloud fax services, owners save money, time, and frustration. Fax transmissions are secure, and users can receive and send faxes from anywhere there’s an internet connection—even halfway around the world!

The way we see it, there’s no reason not to switch from traditional to cloud fax technology. If you are new to the world of online faxing, we make it easy to get started. New numbers are set up within just a few minutes, and it’s easy to port in numbers from existing services. Call or email us today to learn how we can help your company save time and money while increasing the security and efficiency of fax transmissions.