Science and Technology have always been an inseparable part of human Society from time immemorial. Intentionally or unintentionally science and technology have helped the human race to grow, prosper and advance at every step. 

In the Neolithic age, when the wheel was invented, it became a milestone in history as humans for the first time used science to carry objects from one place to another in the most convenient way by reducing friction. 

There are numerous such events in the past that define this relationship between Science & Technology and Society and in this article; we shall try to understand it in a more clear way.

Where on one hand, “Science” provides the theory, “Technology” implements this theory to invent something and “Society” uses it for its advancement. 

If people of the society felt any necessity, Science has helped it with a proper solution and this is how we have come across it for so long. A Greek Scientist proposed the reason behind the floating of different objects in the water. 

Technology invented boats and ships that reduced the distance between two places many folds and started a new journey in the field of trade and commerce that ultimately helped society. 

In the field of communications and transportation, we have become so advanced in the last 3- 4 decades that was in-imaginable before this period. 

Needless to say, the communication system is so strong that you can keep connected to anyone anywhere around the globe and it doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, you can connect yourself with the GPS. Our transportation system has also become so fast that we can travel to different countries in a few hours. 

We can go to those spots of the earth which were out of reach without science and technology. And, this is how the world has become a global village in which people stay connected, and share their ideas and knowledge to help each other. 

Not only in physical science but in medical science also, Technology has become so advanced that we have got treatment for almost everything. Our society used to suffer from different contagious diseases and plagues and millions used to die from such pandemics but with the help of Science and Technology, we invented vaccines for many such diseases which proved to be helpful for society and saved millions of lives. For instance, during the COVID period also, when people around the globe were afraid, our doctors and scientists came together with a solution and defeated the pandemic in a very short period with the help of medical science and technology.

Furthermore, with the advent of the digital age, this relationship has become more prominent as the technology of computers, mobile phones, and the internet has provided so much to the society that they cannot imagine their life without these devices. In fact, as the internet gets faster, conversations with people have also shifted from voice calls to video calls so that they can stay connected with their loved ones over long distances.                                                                                                                                                    

However, it looks very small and limited to entertainment and communication but, its real value came into the picture during the COVID period. This digital system has saved the economy of many countries and saved many lives by keeping the people connected to the system so that the help may reach them timely. 

Now, on the contrary, in some cases we have also found that the technology has had some negative consequences as well. For instance, the threat of violation of privacy has increased many times with social media. But ultimately, it has given us a choice about what to share and what not, how much to share and how much not to. Also, if the society is aware of how it can take advantage of technology, then hardly there will be any problem.

To be honest, the truth is that people in society are so entangled in technology that it cannot be imagined how they would live without it. Science and technology are in every part of their lives. It is not limited to any particular profession. In simple words, you need the help of technology to do everything you do at any stage of your job. So by now you must have understood that there has been a strong relationship between technology and society and it is getting stronger day by day.  However, if you still haven’t clarified, you can refer to greeting us for more details.