Starting a business can be difficult, especially with the number of competitors you need to deal with. But apart from that, you also need to consider if you have enough market as there’s no point in competing if you’re only dealing with a small group of percentages. With that, you need to look for a business that can accommodate most people to attract more clients to your business. And you can allow that to happen if you try to go with perishable products.

What’s great about perishable products is that people would constantly buy them once they ran out of stock. This will help develop loyal customers who’ll frequently purchase from your store from time to time. However, there’s one thing that you need to worry about—how you’ll be able to ship them out properly. 

To help you out, below are some tips on how you can ship your perishable products in the best way possible:

Look For A Refrigerated Transportation

According to, your perishable products might degrade their quality and lifespan if exposed to extremely high temperatures. Even if you try to keep them cool in your fridge for as long as possible, you can’t control their environment once you ship them out to your customers. To ensure that you keep your perishable products cool and dry, you should look for a refrigerated mode of transportation to maintain your product’s quality.

Refrigerated transportation can help ensure that your products would be in their best condition as they arrive with your customers or another warehouse. With refrigerated transportation, you can allow their entire environment to be cool, preventing any increase in temperature. This would be the perfect option, especially if you plan on shipping your items over long distances.

Choose Appropriate Packaging

When selling perishable products, you shouldn’t just worry about where you’ll be storing your items while in transit but also about the actual packaging as well. Your products’ packaging greatly affects how your goods will survive and can hold the item well to keep them away from spills and spoilage. With that, you should choose appropriate packaging that fits your product well.

Since you plan on shipping your perishable products, it’s best to look for packaging material that can securely hold your items and avoid leaks. You could go with a non-spill bottle, milk cartons, and other types of boxes that can effectively keep your things in place while also not letting any moisture in and out of the packaging.

Surround The Product With Cooling Packs

As you ship your perishable products, you can’t expect to simply just hand out the product itself and expect it to arrive in its best condition to your customers. Apart from choosing spill-free packaging, you should also put the products themselves in a cooler and fill them well with cooling packs to keep them cool at all times. This would be a great alternative if you can’t hire refrigerated transportation as they’re quite expensive.  

While it might require you to spend more on your shipping costs, purchasing a cooler and surrounding the product with plenty of cooling packs would help ensure that they arrive at your customer’s home in their best condition. Moreover, you should also check the longevity of the cooler and cooling pack to see how long they can effectively keep your products cool.

Label Your Package 

It’s not enough that you provide your products with the utmost care when shipping them to your customers. You also need to inform your courier about the item you’re sending so they can practice extra care with your product, preventing them from tossing them around. Apart from notifying the courier about what you’re shipping, you also need to label your package properly so everyone who gets to touch the box would immediately know about what’s inside, providing maximum care.

As you box your perishable goods, add a label or indication on each side of the box, stating that it’s a perishable good and they should handle them with care at all times. This will be a gentle reminder to keep your products in their best shape during transit.

Search For A Quick Delivery Service

With perishable shipping products, time would be your biggest constraint as every minute counts since they produce, wilt, or spoil any time of the day. But with shipping your products, you’ll be occupying extra time from your expiry date, which can minimize the time your customers could use and enjoy your product. With that, you should look for a quick delivery service to deliver your products as quickly as possible.

Ideally, your products should arrive with your customers overnight. This will help ensure that you can keep them fresh and in their best condition for your customers’ satisfaction. With that, look for the speediest courier service and see how quickly they can deliver to every part of the country if you’re going national.

Consider Same Day Delivery Option

If you’re catering to some nearby customers, you might want to consider offering a same-day delivery option. This way, you don’t have to worry about delayed delivery times as you can instantly deliver your products to your customers. You can book a third-party service or give them yourself using your service vehicle. This will benefit you and your customers as you can prevent spoilage while also providing your customers with the best quality products.

However, if you think that offering a same-day delivery option can be quite costly, you can offer this as an alternative delivery option for those who are looking for quicker service. To maximize your trips, you should set a cut-off time each day wherein you’ll personally send your products to your customers. Moreover, you should also consider their location and ensure they’re just within the same city.

Ship Your Products At The Right Time 

The last thing you’d want to happen is to ship your products early only to arrive late to your customers, or worse, nearing their expiry date. While you might try to ship out your items properly, you might be shipping them during their delivery surge, causing delays in their arrivals.

You should ship your products at the right time, ideally overnight. Avoid shipping your items out on Friday wherein they could experience a delay over the weekend, including the day before the holiday. Even if it might require you to push out your shipping schedule, they’d help ensure that your perishable products would arrive in their best condition.


Shipping your perishable products can be tricky as you need to ensure that they arrive in their best shape, allowing for your customer’s best experience. While you can always try to hire the best transportation company or use a cooler, there are still plenty of other ways to ensure their state. Even with the added work, it’ll surely result in great customer satisfaction that’ll benefit your business.