In these days of great political turmoil, it’s not always easy to feel proud of your country. But there are ways you can show that you’re proud of your country online. What can you do in order to show you’re proud of your country online? Read on to find out.

Use A Flag Emoji

One of the most popular ways to show you’re proud of the country online is to use a flag emoji. People all around the world are proud of their countries and like to share that with others on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Using flags in these places makes it easy for people to see where you are from or what you stand for quickly without much effort at all. You don’t have to write anything about yourself or your culture, just using an emoji will do! While there aren’t any official guidelines as to which flag should be used (except maybe when representing specific organizations); here’s some information about each one so you can take advantage of them.

Patriotism is especially popular in countries that were not independent for long, such as former parts of the Soviet Union. Pinning a flag of Georgia in the description of your profile and using it in your posts is a perfect way to show people how proud and happy you are that you’re born in this country. This will help you make sure everybody knows that you’re from here and that you’re not afraid to show it.

Post Pictures Of The Most Beautiful Places In Your Country

A great way to show pride is by highlighting your country’s beauty and charm by posting pictures and videos of the most beautiful places in your country. Showcasing some of the more famous landmarks; such as Niagara Falls or the Eiffel Tower is a great way to get started with this proud nation-building activity that can also spark conversation about how these wonders came to be.

Not only will posting photographs give your online community an insight into what makes your country so special but it can also inspire them to plan their next vacation around visiting you! With over three hundred million international visitors every year; there’s no question why sharing photos of beautiful national parks and awe-inspiring natural phenomena would help attract even more travelers from across the globe. Not only does travel stimulate local economies by bringing in revenue, jobs, and new ideas; but it also has the power to build cultural understanding and respect among individuals from different backgrounds.

The proud nation-building process is further enriched when travelers return home with photos of themselves at these beautiful places, which can then be shared on social media once again as a reminder that everyone belongs to such an amazing group! Remember, your country’s natural beauty is not limited to famous landmarks or natural phenomena. 

You should post about all features that make your place special no matter how big or small they may seem! A great way for people who live there year-round would be posting pictures of local festivals and events. These celebrations help bring communities together by creating positive memories within them, instilling stronger ties between members, friends, and neighbors alike.

Create Or Share Content About Your Country’s History And Culture

Showcasing the history and culture of your country is a great way to build cultural understanding and respect among individuals from different backgrounds. The proud nation-building process is even more enriched when you share fun facts about your country’s history. Here’s what things you could share:

  • historical events
  • important people
  • cultural events
  • tradition
  • famous landmarks
  • culture including language, food, etc.

You could even share some trivia about your country! Remember to stay proud of where you’re from and never forget what makes it special. The more people know about the history and culture of your country, they will be inclined to visit or learn more which is always a plus for everyone involved!

Use Hashtags When Posting On Social Media 

A great way to start a trend about your country’s pride is by using hashtags when posting on social media. Hashtags are words or phrases with the “#” symbols in front of them that form a phrase, topic, or category for posts about your country online. For example, if you’re proud of your country winning a sporting event this year, make sure to post a hashtag with the name of the tournament, one with the name of your country, and one that says “champions”!

When using hashtags in posts, make sure you are also following the same hashtag to see other proud posts from people around your country. This will help spread awareness about being proud of your country online!


National pride is something everybody should have, and highlighting it on the Internet is a great way to show it. Use a flag emoji to show where you’re from, and post pictures and videos about the most beautiful places in your country. Also, make sure to emphasize the history and culture of your nation and use hashtags to promote events of victory and pride. You should pick up a community behind you in no time!