Congratulations on setting up a quaint little business to support your dreams! However, the business isn’t fully operational until it lights up. We propose you go with small wind turbines that will result in lower energy expenses and longtime use. 

Further Advantages Include:


When we think about energy sources, we immediately think of natural gas and fossils. However, when a small business decides to go green and build its power source at a small scale, the situation is different. These businesses usually opt for small-scale wind turbines because they are environmentally friendly.

These small wind turbines will not emit any harmful gasses, will not harm the environment, and most of all, present a sustainable image to the customers. These eco-friendly businesses represent well to customers who are contributing to a safer environment. The businesses can also upgrade to satisfy their growing business scale in the future too.

Renewable Source of Energy

Wind power is free. No doubt, the small wind turbines will cost you a medium-scaled investment. You would also have to hire a professional to get them installed. However, once they have been erected, the power source in itself is free.

The wind is renewable. Environmental free air is ever-present at all times because of pressure rates. This means the wind turbines will keep turning and lighting up your small business. The business owner will not face electricity breakdowns or draining power sources. If your small business area is present in an open location, you will experience more airwaves than usual.

Financial Challenges

Further elaborating on the initial set-up costs, a business can finance small wind turbines in numerous ways. They can either settle on investing with their finances or receive bank loans on minimum interest with nominal fees. 

The local authorities sometimes promote greener energy initiatives by lending out to businesses specific for solar panels or wind turbine construction. These are loan plans on easy installment for business owners who wish to operate on a small scale. These installments are mostly tax-free with lower than average interest rates to increase their use.

Challenges to Small Wind Turbines

Loud Noise

Small wind turbines emit a deafening sound; it is as loud as 50 to 60 decibels. So, some of these wind turbines can be very noisy, which can drive away customers. These are perfect for rural locations where neighbors and competitors are well far apart. However, the construction of small wind turbines in urban areas can be much more complicated than you think.


The next issue you may face regarding the small wind turbines is zoning regulations. This noise level is a very inconsiderate accommodation that makes the wind turbine installation very challenging. Your plea to install them on the property might get rejected altogether.  

Over to You

Utility bidder is constantly promoting innovative and greener use of energy for an improved environment. Sustainable business practices are on the rise, and these small contributions will result in a strong foundation for a safer tomorrow.