While Bitcoin has firmly cemented its place in the consciousness of the general public; cryptocurrency remains something of a mystery for many. Cynics will argue that something that has no physical form has no real value. Bitcoin is widely spreading throughout the world, it became famous and most countries are using it for exchanging, buying, and selling. If you want to consider buying bitcoin try to buy btc new zealand in 2022.

However, the truth is that Bitcoin does have value and is becoming widely accepted as a payment method by a number of different businesses.

Indeed, that list includes big brands, major retailers, and hundreds of new casinos that launch every month; so there’s plenty of variety in the places that you can go and spend the contents of your crypto wallet.

Which are the most recognizable names where you can spend your Bitcoin this year and into 2022? Here’s a quick rundown.


Did you know that you can pay for your coffee with Bitcoin at Starbucks?

Well, you can, sort of, by downloading the Bakkt App and connecting that to your crypto wallet.

Although Starbucks doesn’t accept BTC directly, the Bakkt App is trusted and secure and is therefore the ideal partner via which you can get your coffee hit courtesy of your Bitcoin investment.


You would expect more tech specialists to accept Bitcoin as payment; yet surprisingly few are on board with cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

However, one that does welcome BTC is Microsoft – in a fashion, at least. You won’t be able to spend your crypto in the company’s tech store, but you can use it to fund your Xbox Store account if you are an avid online gamer.


One of the world’s premier online payment platforms is now fully on board with Bitcoin. 

The dropdown menu on PayPal’s homepage has a tab dedicated to crypto payments, and you can even invest in some of the major coins such as BTC, ETH, and LTC and store them in your PayPal wallet.

With a comprehensive FAQ and information section on crypto; PayPal has become something of a pioneer in the space – and, most importantly; one of the biggest names in the business to openly promote the benefits of the cryptocurrency network.


First, it did, then it didn’t, and now maybe it will again.

Elon Musk has flip-flopped when it comes to letting electric car fanatics pay for their new vehicle with Bitcoin; but it seems that the Tesla CEO is reconsidering his stance on the cryptocurrency.

It has been revealed that he will most likely start accepting BTC again soon – once he has determined how sustainable Bitcoin mining is from an energy consumption standpoint.


The travel firm became something of an innovator back in 2014 when it was one of the first major firms worldwide to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

Sadly, this was a short-lived experiment, but happily, Expedia has now begun to accept crypto payments again via the Travala site, which plays host to in excess of 700,000 hotels and accommodations that are available via Expedia network.

With more than 100 different cryptocurrencies accepted, it’s not just Bitcoin holders who are feeling the benefit. 


Okay, so there has to be a giant asterisk against the name of Subway.

Not all of its stores accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies, so you will need to check via its store locator as to whether your local sandwich emporium is on the list or not.

Home Depot

A number of major retailers have adopted the Flexa payment system; which exchanges your Bitcoin purchases into dollars – so they can welcome crypto payments without having to invest in and maintain their own wallets and/or hardware.

That was a significant development in the furtherance of crypto’s mainstream adoption, and a number of big brands decided to jump on the board courtesy of the Flexa platform.

One of the first was Home Depot, and so Bitcoin holders and investors have been able to acquire their tools and equipment from one of North America’s premier DIY retailers courtesy of their BTC wallets.


It should be noted that Etsy as a company doesn’t accept Bitcoin quite yet; but it does give its individual sellers the opportunity to get paid in crypto via its sales pages.

So, if you buy something from an Etsy page; you may just see Bitcoin listed among the available payment options – if the seller is open to accepting BTC, of course. If they are, they will contact you with their wallet address, via which you can complete the transaction.

Whole Foods

Like Home Depot, Whole Foods has gone with the Flexa model that allows its customers to pay with Bitcoin – via an associated app such as Apple Pay – without the retailer needing to invest in its own crypto infrastructure.

When it was revealed that Whole Foods was going to accept crypto in this way; many thought it might pave the way for Amazon – which owns the brand – to become Bitcoin-friendly itself.

Sadly, the retailing behemoth is yet to fully commit to accepting BTC on its site.

Dallas Mavericks

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is all in on crypto, and so his NBA franchise was one of the first to let fans pay for tickets, merchandise, and other related items with their Bitcoin wallets. 

Since that 2019 announcement, Cuban has upped the ante further by allowing the crypto exchange Voyager Digital – a deal that saw Mavs fans (and anyone else) who signed up with the exchange and made a tradeable to receive $100 in BTC for a limited time only.

They’re not the only sports team to be on board though, with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins also welcoming payments made by both Bitcoin and Litecoin. 


A number of big brands have made use of the BitPay platform in order to accept cryptocurrency payments, and on that list is the telecoms provider AT&T.

BitPay is like a middleman, confirming your Bitcoin transaction on behalf of AT&T and then forwarding the information to the company so that the sale can be completed.

It’s expected that AT&T may roll out on its own direct platform in the near future.

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