The welding industry is subtly ingrain into every aspect of our daily lives. Your house, car, and refrigerator are prime examples of how you interact with the labor of welders all the time. 

Many people don’t know some of the most interesting facts about welding or that it can be an extremely lucrative career. That’s why this article discusses the top facts about welding and why it’s so important. Continue reading if you want to learn more about welding.

1. Interesting History

Evidence of welding was seen in the Bronze and Iron Ages when metal was heated and combined through hammering. However, modern welding dates back to the 1800s when Sir Humphry Davy developed the method of the continuous electrical arc that we know today. 

2. Important Role in Society

The welding industry is discretely ingrain into society and the products we use all the time. You interact with welding every day when you use products such as cars, refrigerators, artwork, and more. 

3. A Degree is Not Required

Learning about welding does not mean you have to have a degree, even if you want to pursue it professionally. Welding certificate programs typically take about 9 months to complete, but some jobs are available based on a skills test. 

4. Offers Career Flexibility

Our list of welding facts includes the fact that there are a variety of career opportunities available. If you are learning about welding, you can use that knowledge in careers such as teaching, sales, construction, management, and more.

5. Potentially Dangerous

Some important facts about welding include details about potential health risks. Welders face burns, cancerous fumes, extremely bright lights, and more. This is why the welding industry emphasizes safety. 

6. Used in Space

One of the fun facts about welding is that it’s regularly used in space. The first example of space welding was in 1969 by Russian astronauts. Since there’s no oxygen, the metal molds together easily without oxidation; this is called cold welding.

7. Different Types of Welding

Next on our list of welding facts is that there are different types of welding. We mention cold welding, but there is also wet, dry, ultrasonic, and explosion welding. 

Wet welding is performed underwater while dry is not. Ultrasonic welding is used to combine plastic pieces with high-frequency sound waves. Explosion welding is just as it sounds and is used to combine incompatible metals or metals and non-metals. 

8. High Earning Potential for Skilled Welders

One of the well-known facts about welding is that if you are skill in your job, you have high earning potential. These types of welders, such as those with Frontier Welding & Fabrication LLC, have years of experience and exceptional skill. Some welders make upwards of $200,000 per year in the Middle East.

9. High Demand Career and a Bright Future

A piece of the welding industry is in almost everything we use. Because of career flexibility, good welders will always be in demand in one industry or another. It’s a great career for those looking for job security.

Understanding the Facts About Welding

Understanding these facts about welding means understanding how important the welding industry is in our daily lives. Most people benefit from the hard work of welders every day. It’s a great career for those who want high-earning potential and job security.

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