The cheapest air conditioning unit you can find in the market still costs more than a thousand dollars, which is ironically not cheap at all. If you want to make the most out of your investment, you should learn to properly care for the system. Below are some of the steps you can take to make sure your air conditioning system stays in tip-top shape.

Keep the Condenser Coil and Compressor Clean

A dirty coil will struggle to absorb heat effectively, so check and clean them regularly. You can clean the coil using a garden hose. Typically, cleaning these A/C components is part of a professional tune-up. So if you get professional A/C repair and maintenance services in Longview, TX, you won’t have to clean the coil and condenser yourself.

Clean or Change the Filter

Air conditioning units move air through your space in a regular cycle. After the system sends cool air into the living area, it will collect old air and move it back through the unit. But before the air returns to the air handler, it will go through the air filter. The air filter will trap particulates and any airborne pollutants.

Over time, these particulates and pollutants will accumulate. You should clean the filter so the dirt won’t build up to an amount that could block the airflow. But if the filter is the disposable type, you should replace them.

Check the Wiring for Issues

The wire may short out, be stripped, or dislodged and lose contact with the power source or the component. These electrical wiring issues can damage your air conditioning unit. So check the wiring for any problem. But before you start the inspection, make sure to turn off the air conditioning unit. If you see frayed, scorched, or damaged wires, immediately call a professional to fix the damage. 

Check the Ductwork for Dirt and Leaks

Debris and dust naturally collect inside the ductwork over time. In addition, if there are vermin in your place, there’s a high chance that the ducts have nesting and droppings inside them. That is why the ductwork also needs cleaning. Aside from dirt, you should also check for leaks. When there are damaged sections or loose joints in the ductwork, the treated air may escape into unoccupied parts of your room or home. It can reduce your system’s energy efficiency. If the leaks are accessible, you can patch them using aluminum tape. But if the leak is located in the deeper part of the system, you have to call in A/C repair and maintenance technicians in Longview, TX.

Do Not Skip Scheduled Maintenance

Getting regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to take care of your air conditioning unit. With an A/C maintenance service, technicians will check your system for any damage. Usually, cleaning A/C components is also a part of the service. HVAC technicians will do most of the things needed to ensure the system stays in its best condition.

Go Easy On Your A/C

Even with regular maintenance, a system running all the time will lose efficiency faster than a unit used moderately. So go and give your air conditioning unit a break from time to time. You can open your window (if there’s any) and let fresh air in. You can also use ceiling fans or any fan. By going easy on your A/C, the unit will more likely last longer. On top of that, you can reduce your monthly electric bill.

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