The Magento platform is perfect for creating large-scale e-commerce projects. This CMS system is popular in the European market, including for the development of online stores for international companies. In the CIS countries, such an engine is used less due to the smaller number of services for integration with the platform. Yet Magento has established itself as a reliable platform with a wide range of built-in tools for organizing and managing online payments.

A specialist or a studio with specialized experience and a specific portfolio can create a site on the Magento platform. In terms of integration with developers, Magento adheres to the well-known policy of Google and practices partner certification. To obtain partner status, you need to go through a series of checks and have a certain number of completed projects in your portfolio. This approach allows you to expand the segment of platform users and improve the positive image of the company.

Due to many features of working with this CMS, the customer is advised to adhere to certain rules when choosing a contractor for developing an online store on the Magento platform. Our Magento website development company will help you to solve various issues.

Availability of international certificates

Not many studios and freelancers can claim certification from any platform. This is due to certain difficulties: in order to obtain a Magento certificate, you need to undergo lengthy training and testing at the company’s headquarters. According to the degree of ranking, 4 levels of certification are divided, from basic to advanced developer. Even with the simplest solution specialist certificate, the contractor company compares favorably with its competitors and has a significant advantage.

Developer experience with Magento platform

One of the main criteria for choosing a contractor is experience and the availability of successfully completed projects. When choosing a developer for the Magento platform, the contractor must have implemented websites on this particular CMS in his portfolio.

Warranty service after the launch of the online store.

This simple rule applies to any website development and promotion company. Each project requires additional adaptation and improvement over time. Because the customer will not have enough time to determine all the shortcomings and errors of the CRM system in a few days or weeks. When a certain number of months of work has passed and the user will need to correct or supplement the site, it is very important to participate directly from those specialists who developed this software product.

Is it all about the portfolio?

A portfolio suitable for the level of performance and specialization is the main argument when choosing a contractor. It is very important to choose a performer who is well versed in the topic you need. Since segmentation introduces essential features of every online store. The presence of strong cases from the contractor testifies to a good experience, which will turn out to be one of the decisive indicators of quality.

Service and prompt feedback

In most cases, a company is better than a single freelancer, even with the best references. And although the price tag of the contractor of the company is always higher, for this money you will have a partner at hand who will be able to promptly answer the question of interest.

The company has more opportunities and staff units: manager, tester, designer, a team of programmers. You may not need to involve everyone right away, but the benefits of an integrated turnkey approach will surely show up in the future. It rarely happens that an online store does not require improvements. After all, market conditions and consumer preferences are changing rapidly. When the need arises, it is much better to work with the same developer who created the starter project.

Reliability and flexible service are a must for any modern startup. In the case of the selection of a contractor for a site on the Magento platform, it is better to give preference to a qualified company with the appropriate partnership certificates. Follow the link and our specialists will help you with any startup.