Keeping your home clean and organized all the time can make you feel overwhelmed, but it shouldn’t if you know what you’re doing. For instance, tackling clutter in your house can be challenging, especially if you aren’t prepared to lose some of your possessions. There are different organizing methods you can consider to take control of your residence. Check out these 6 useful tips on how to properly organize your home.

1. Eliminate Excessive Items in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the most commonly used room in your home, so you must start with this area. Get rid of excessive Tupperware that can waste space in your cabinet and refrigerator. Alternatively, you can use zip lock bags, plastic wrap, or tin foil to store different types of foods. 

Try to get bowls and plates that are uniform to make it easy to manage them. It’s easy to load the same-sized plates in the dishwasher and pack them on the rack. Organize your appliances in the kitchen according to the frequency of use. Things that are commonly used like coffee makers must be stored on top of the kitchen counter. 

2. Storage Options 

You need enough space to enhance the free movement of people in your house. You can create space according to by choosing the ideal storage solutions that suit your requirements. You can achieve this by ensuring that your inventory conforms to the storage space available. If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can maximize vertical storage space. Install additional shelves in bedrooms, the laundry room, and closets. You must be creative and make sure you use quality cabinets to stay organized. You can also hang other items on the ceiling and walls in your garage.   

3. Start With one Room 

You must go through each room at a time to maintain order. You must start with the top surfaces and drawers and make sure you empty them and clean everything. Take away the items you may not use anymore. A kitchen can take three days and a bedroom two days to clean thoroughly. Once you get your rooms in order, it becomes easier to remain organized. Make sure you clean your rooms regularly, and each item must be in its right place. Desist from the habit of throwing everything around. Keep away the items you don’t use often.     

4. Take Inventory

Take inventory of your possessions to see the items you still need and the ones you can eliminate. For instance, you can donate unwanted shoes since they can waste space in your bedroom. To keep your shoes organized, you can use the option of stacking them in clear boxes. This type of storage makes it easy to identify the pair of footwear you want to wear on a particular day. You can also keep your boots on a shoe rack. Never pile your shoes in a corner since the whole room will feel littered. Additionally, if you have old things you no longer wear or use, get rid of them. 

5. Buy What You Want to Use

If you want to clean your home in just a few minutes, then you should reduce the items you collect. For example, excess food items can make it difficult to maintain order in your pantry. When you do your shopping, make sure you buy the products you will actually use within a certain period to avoid clutter. Make sure you only buy the items on your shopping list. You must stop the habit of buying goods that can expire before you get to them. 

6. Take Your Time

Organizing your house requires time, and you may not do it in one day. Take your time and break the activities you can perform within a specific period. Your kitchen and bedroom require more time, so you must start with them. You must commit at least three hours every week to keep your house organized. When you get to cleaning the garage, know that it requires a little more time. Eliminate clutter from the garage floors and use appropriate storage like cabinets to keep your place in good shape and protect your valuables. 

Organizing your home can seem like a daunting task since it involves paying close attention to detail. However, you will realize that it is simple if you have an appropriate schedule to follow. It’s essential to start with one room at a time and ensure that your inventory fits the space available in your home. You should get rid of unwanted items and make sure you only buy the things you plan to use.

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