The need for an Android spy app has emerged to new heights with the enormous development of digital communications. Nowadays, more than 80% of communication takes place through digital networks. 

The most common source of this communication is an Android mobile phone. It is reported that more than 70% of the world’s smartphone users are using Android devices. 

The idea to spy on Android devices finds its traces in the concerns of parents and employers. A large proportion of parents have concerns over the usage of the Android smartphone by their children. Kids using unsupervised internet and digital networks are more exposed to external threats like harassment, sex offending, cyber predating, cyberbullying, and drug addictions. 

The use of the unmonitored internet makes them vulnerable to these threats that can come to haunt them morally, socially, and ethically in many ways. On the other hand, employers face threats of cyber attacks, confidentiality breaches, and productivity-related issues.

Cyber attacks are more frequently targeted at businesses and business devices because there is a likelihood of getting huge monetary benefits through such attacks. The cybercriminals residing at the back end of different websites and financial gateways look to breach the security firewall of the Android business device and try to get into it. 

In this way, they use the stolen information for illegitimate business gains like consumer trend-setting, consumer trend-identifying, and advanced selling. Besides this, the employees’ productivity issues are gaining new heights. A number of employees are used to spending a large proportion of their working hours while surfing the internet, using social media, and streaming music and videos. 

This pattern badly affects the productivity of employees as the employees don’t come up to meet their assigned tasks, and the organization’s progress suffers. 

So, the best idea to cope with the problems and needs of parents and employers is to use a phone spy app to monitor the activities of kids and employees. An efficient Android spy app allows monitoring every bit of communication taking place on the target Android device.

Upon investigation, it is found that currently, OgyMogy is the best Android spy app that tracks the activity over android phones. The app started providing services back in 2014 and is primarily targeted at digital parenting, but the employee monitoring facility is equally good. 

The OgyMogy has Windows, Mac, and iPhone spying facilities as well, but we will be only discussing features of the Android monitoring solution. 

OgyMogy – Best Android Spy App

Tracking social media usage of kids and employees

The most common source of criminal activities on kids is social media. A large number of unverified and unidentified users over social networking apps try to stalk the kids, get into their personal lives, and harass and bully them for unlawful purposes. 

Using the Android spy app, the parent will be able to know all such activities by reading chats, browsing multimedia, listening to voice notes, and listening and recording all VoIP calls. 

In the same way, employers will be able to know the pattern of communication of their employees over Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, etc.

Blocking specific websites for employees and kids

The employer can block several websites for an employee to visit, which are considered as prone and vulnerable to cyber threats. These websites may include a few insecure payment gateways and e-commerce websites. 

There is a massive significance of this feature for the parents. The parents can block websites that contain sensitive, sexually explicit, and inappropriate content. After blocking, these websites will not be accessed from the child’s Android device. 

Location tracking and geo-fencing

The parent can use this feature to track the real-time location of the child at any point in time; moreover, the feature can be used to restrict the movement of the child to certain premises. 

The employer can identify the pinpoint location of the employee and restrict the movement to limited localities to protect business secrecy.

The services also include phone call recording, keylogger, internal storage monitoring, and browsing history monitoring features as well.


The need for an Android spy app for employers and parents is discussed. It is inferred that OgyMogy provides the best android spy app facility by all means.