With the advancement of technology, the way of writing has also changed. 

People do not have time to read long paragraphs and they prefer only the short, crispy, and influential words. This is the reason that blogging became micro-blogging in 1994 and became quite famous onwards. 

Many platforms started after it to provide the opportunity for the people so that they can show their skills and Tumblr was one such platform. 

Wondering, what exactly is Tumblr and how does it work? 

To tell you about the same, we have come up with this post. So, without wasting any seconds, those who have no idea about the platform can dive into the details—

What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a well-known social networking cum most used blogging website created in 2007 by David Karp. 

This micro-blogging website is used by many prominent personalities and writers and their blogs are read by many users. 

To be more precise, Tumblr is such a platform where you can post photos, videos, and text in the form of a short blog. Not only this, you can follow other blogs as per your choice and also manage your blog from a user-friendly dashboard.

Apart from this, there are many features that make Tumblr stand unique in this high competition field because of world-class websites like Facebook and Twitter. 

That said; let us look into some of the features of Tumblr—

Tumblr’s Main Features

  • Free to use:  Tumblr is completely free to use as a blogging site. Although, some of its features and themes are paid but most of them are completely free and anyone can use Tumblr free of cost to write the blog of their choice in approximately 140 words.
  • Beginner-Friendly User Interface: Tumblr can be used by beginners as well and hence the interface of Tumblr is very user-friendly so that they do not face any problems regarding using Tumblr. So, once you log in to your Tumblr account, you can get things posted within just a few minutes with their easy-to-use interface.
  • Plenty of Themes: With thousands of themes to pick from, Tumblr makes designing and personalizing your blog easy. Not only this, it also gives you the privilege to make edits to the code of your page, so you have complete control of the site’s appearance and can change the look of your blog completely without having to build it from scratch.
  • Strong communities: It is to mention that Tumblr is organized into custom tags, which in turn, can be used to find and curate content for niche communities. Here, you are sure to find a group of like-minded people who are eager to see your content. 
  • Integrations: Tumblr is one such site that has integrations with other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more to not only make posting to multiple social platforms easy but also to help you connect your accounts and grow your following on other platforms. In simple words, Tumblr has many other third-party application integrations so that you can directly share your blog with these platforms also.
  • Mobile Application: Besides the web platform, Tumblr has a mobile app that functions incredibly similar to their desktop site. With the mobile app, you can reblog, search by tags, and look through your dashboard easily.  In short, Tumblr is available not only as a website but can also be downloaded as a mobile application so that you can get the notifications of new blogs. However, Tumblr’s primary use is still through desktop, but there’s no doubt that the mobile app is a huge perk, too.

Now let us tell you that Tumblr has millions of followers on its platform, who use it most of the time because of its merits but sometimes also complain about its shortcomings. 

So, with that in mind, let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of Tumblr as suggested by the users of this platform.

Pros and Cons of Using Tumblr

Tumblr has many advantages which work well for the users and at the same time they also have to deal with many drawbacks and they are as follows—

1Free and Easy to use.Adult content is banned.
2Built-in audienceCustomization is limited.
3Suitable to post a wide variety of content, including text, photos, videos, and more.Some privacy concerns.
4Good engagement.Lack of detailed analytic data.
5Integration with Twitter and Facebook.Does not support ads.

Due to these flaws and shortcomings of Tumblr, various users look for other websites like Tumblr. However, this is not the only reason. There’s also another major reason to look for a Tumblr alternative.

Wonder what’s that reason? 

Let us tell you that – although Yahoo initially owned Tumblr, in 2017, Verizon Media bought it and since its acquisition by Verizon Media – Tumblr has changed a lot over the years. In connection with the changes, Tumblr introduced stricter content moderation policies and a complete ban on NSFW content due to which the Tumblr app was removed from the Apple iOS AppStore. 

Additionally, Tumblr announced the ban on adult content in their blog announcement among other things.

So, considering these reasons, we will now discuss some of the top-alternatives to Tumblr.

11 Best Tumblr Alternatives to Look Upon in 2024

Despite the fact that Tumblr has updated itself over time, it could not keep its users engaged following various government restrictions and policies. As a result, they started looking for new Tumblr-like websites to consume content on various topics of interest without any restriction.

That’s why here we are going to discuss some such websites in a detailed manner. Have a look—

[Note: We’ve curated this list of Tumblr alternatives based on several factors including price, customization features, integrations, content management, subscriptions, and more.]

1. WordPress – Akin Blogging Website like Tumblr


WordPress is a well-known website that offers a website offering and blogging platform to bloggers so that they can showcase their writing talents to the public. It has a user-friendly interface and administrative controls and hence it is one of the most used blogging websites in the world. It has a very big range of communities that write on different topics and connect with like-minded people. It has many features that help you customize your post and is the top Tumblr alternative.

2. Pinterest – Has Tumblr Features Along With a Social Bookmarking Twist


When it comes to the perfect website that will replace Tumblr, then you can think of Pinterest because of the fact that like Tumblr, Pinterest also focuses on images and video posts and hence works as a social media app. Along with this, you can also pin a particular post to your account so that every time when you find something, you need not look for long. Pinterest has a huge fan base as the range of the content on this site is very large.

3. Reddit – A Notable Tumblr Alternative to Use in 2024


Reddit is mostly famous for many kinds of reveals and leaks that were posted on the website. However, it does not mark itself as a blogging site but more or less works the same. You can post any kind of message including Text, Pictures, Links, and many more. When it comes to online communities, Reddit contains most of them. Here, you can discuss any topic with millions of other users. Hence, in 2024, Reddit is a big name when it comes to looking for a Tumblr alternative.

4. Pillowfort – The Perfect Tumblr Replacement


Pillowfort is, however, a blogging site, but it is comparatively new in this field and hence uses a beta version of the same. The interface of pillowfort is similar to that of Tumblr and hence you will feel the similarities between these two.

5. Medium – A Content-Focused Blogging Platform


In case you like the rich text-based quality content then, Medium is a website made for you. In many ways, you can consider Medium better than Tumblr when it comes to the quality of content. It has an import tool with which you can import blogs of different sites to Medium. Moreover, with Medium, you can earn by posting some quality blogs, and hence it is very famous among journalists.

6. DeviantArt —Plethora of Tumblr-esque Images Galore and a Hub of Digital Artists 


Deviantart is like the digital form of Tumblr where not only text posts but images are also uploaded. It is a Photo showcase platform that is used by thousands of users around the globe. The art uploaded on this platform is quite artistic and of a high standard. The posts on this platform are called “deviations”, which represents that the content of this website has a very huge range and deviations.

7. Blogger — A Free and Google-Owned Tumblr Alternative 


Blogger is a full-blown blogging website that is owned by the tech giant Google itself and hence can be trusted without a doubt. So, the writers and artists can show their art and writing skills. So, for those people who are looking for a website like Tumblr, Blogger is a good option that they can go for. Using Blogger is very easy and a non-tech person can also use it. Since it is owned by Google, the process of signing in and saving files is very easy, and you can see them from anywhere just by signing with your Google account.

8. NewGrounds – A Social Media Network for Movies, Games, and Memes 


NewGround is not an exact alternative to Tumblr but as far as the blogging is concerned then yes! NewGround is a blogging website, especially for the community of Gamers and Movie artists. The thing that made it different from Tumblr is that there are no restrictions to write adult content, unlike Tumblr. The content on this website is divided into four categories like Games, Movies, Art, and Audio. If you have an artistic interest in any of these fields, you can join the community on NewGrounds. Hence, it is a site similar to Tumblr.

9. Ello – An Ideal Tumblr Replacement for Creators


This platform is specially made for creators so that you can connect with artists and designers. So, if you’re looking for a Tumblr alternative to be a part of a community of like-minded people then, Ello is the platform that you need to sign up for! On this platform, you can collaborate and follow your favorite artists.

With regard to the functioning of the platform, let us tell you that despite having a large community of artists, Ello has a simple and intuitive interface. 

However, the only downside of this website that doesn’t make it better than Tumblr is that it doesn’t offer much scope for social networking. Still, it can be a great alternative to Tumblr because of its community.

10. Webflow – A Website Builder and Blogger Website


Webflow is a website content management system that helps you to build custom sites with no experience in coding. Most of the big company names such as Dell and Hellosign use Webflow to build their website. You can complete your website with just basic knowledge of coding, and you will be guided by Webflow at every step. Hence, this is more like a website builder and blogger website where you can design your post better than Tumblr and can be considered as an alternative to Tumblr.

11. Ghost – An Open-Source Blogging Platform


Last but not least, we’ve Ghost on the list. It is an open-source blogging platform and is very easy to use. It has many features similar to Tumblr plus many others. Moreover, Ghost has two models for your use, first is “Ghost open source” which is completely free for everyone to write anything and the other is “Ghost Pro” which has many paid features of Ghost. Along with this, Ghost has some built-in features and templates to write something in their fixed format such as the Newsletter feature and many others.