Window condensation is a common window problem that many homeowners face whether on their old or new replacement windows Welland. There are many causes of condensation that homeowners cannot understand unless they are working with an expert. Knowing the reasons is essential because it is the first step to finding a solution to your windows.

One of the significant causes of window condensation is broken window panes. The double and triple-paned windows have a seal separating them. If the seal breaks, the gas condenses and becomes moisture. Condensation caused by broken seals cannot be repaired, so you have to replace the entire window. This article has more information about window condensation. Click this link to learn more about windows condensation. 

1. Exterior Condensation

While you will mostly notice condensation of your replacement windows Welland in the interior, it also happens on the exterior. However, the causes of exterior window condensation could differ from those of the interior. For example, windows mostly condense on the outer parts because of differences in temperature and humidity. This happens mostly when the days are warmer than the night, like during the fall and spring seasons. 

2. Interior Condensation

While some homeowners experience exterior condensation, others experience interior ones. These are caused mainly by excess humidity in the home. When the temperatures outside are hot, the humidity levels rise. You will notice some water droplets on your window panes. You could use a humidifier to lower the humidity levels and reduce condensation. Failure to control the window sweating could lead to water damage on the walls and furniture. Furthermore, the water causes mold, leading to permanent stains on your curtains and carpets. 

3. Can Windows Be The Reason For The Condensation

It is highly unlikely that new replacement windows Welland units can be a reason for the condensation. The only times the condensation will be from windows is if there are broken window seals for the double and triple-paned ones. It could also happen if you replace a drafty window with a new one. The new window reduces airflow in the home, and failure to open the windows will lead to condensation. 

4. What Happens For Condensation To Form?

Your house mostly has warm air because of your family members. When the temperatures fall, the warm air cools down. It then contacts the surface of trapped water vapor and forms droplets. The droplets will attach to the window panes in an attempt to escape, hence the condensation. 

5. How To Reduce Condensation On The Windows

Condensation can be annoying because it creates small water pools on the windows. Besides, having condensation on the windows is also risky because the water can find its way into other parts of the home and cause damage. If your windows are made of wood, they will sip in the water slowly and lead to more damage. Luckily, there are known ways to reduce condensation in your home. 

  • Reduce Your Home’s Humidity

Since one of the significant causes of window condensation is high humidity, lowering the humidity levels is a perfect way to keep the windows nice and clean. You can do this by increasing ventilation. Keep your windows open throughout the day for air circulation. You can also use fans in the rooms once you notice condensation. This is more useful in rooms like the kitchen that experience a lot of heat. 

Ensure your humidifier is off to stop adding more humidity. Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier to absorb any extra moisture in the air and avoid window condensation. Also, ensure your windows are open during the dehumidifying process to keep water away from your home. 

6. Other Things To Know About Condensation

Condensation is mainly caused by temperature and humidity changes but is not a problem with the windows Welland. The only time the reason for condensation will be windows is when you have a broken seal. 

Also, your lifestyle can affect your home’s humidity levels, leading to condensation. Washing clothes, having hot showers, and cooking in the house are activities that accelerate humidity levels. Ensure your windows Welland are open during these activities for aeration.