iPhones are all the rage these days. It’s the most popular phone on the market. There have been many versions of the iPhone over the years. With the iPhone 12 being Apple’s latest phone and reports of the company gearing up for its 13 and 14 models; you can find iPhone 11s at great prices second-hand. There are many trustworthy third-party sellers such as UpTrade that will give you a quality iPhone 11 without the need to worry about some of the quirks that can come with buying an electronic device in 2021. Let’s discuss the benefits of using UpTrade to buy a used & refurbished iPhone 11.


UpTrade prides itself on being a safe destination for customers to get pre owned electronic devices at a cheaper price. The company is aware that scams taint the market and give potential customers pause when it comes to buying used products. With UpTrade, each product sold on the platform is thoroughly tested. iPhones that pass the eye test will receive the official UpTrade Certified seal of approval. This means the product can be sold on the platform. It gives customers peace of mind that they are buying a product that will not cause headaches in the future.

What Does UpTrade Test For?

iPhones sold on UpTrade must pass the functionality test and the background check. With the functionality test; UpTrade ensures that the phone has full and adjustable brightness, no dead pixels, no discoloration, a perfectly working touchscreen, no severe cosmetic damage, a fully functional camera with no discoloration, fully functional buttons, perfect speaker and microphone among other key points. As far as the background checks are concerned, all iPhones must be free of being blacklisted. UpTrade checks to see if all phones have been lost or stolen. The company also ensures that each phone is free of spyware and fully reset.

Why An iPhone 11?

Folks may be wondering why get a used & refurbished iPhone 11 in 2021. After all, the iPhone 12 models are what’s current and the iPhone 13 is expected to drop in the fall. Simply put, the iPhone 11 can run any app you throw at it as it’s still a powerhouse. Its camera still holds up well for phones today with the ability to record video at 4K, 60 frames per second. There’s also the price factor. Getting a pre-owned iPhone 11 as opposed to buying a new iPhone 12 will save you hundreds of dollars.

Is UpTrade Better Than Other Options?

When ordering from UpTrade, you are getting a product that has gone through rigorous checks as mentioned. It definitely gives you an edge over ordering from a classified online store. The problem with that situation is that when you make a purchase from classifieds; you’re running the risk of being scammed. There is no system in place, so if a seller ditches you then you’ve lost hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it. If you order from UpTrade, you won’t have to worry about any scams.

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The iPhone 11 is still a great get in 2021. It’s even better if you can find a solid deal on the second-hand market. upgrade makes it safe for you to buy pre-owned phones as you don’t have to be concerned about potential issues with the device. The company even offers a payment protection plan for a monthly fee of just $7 for added security. That’s what makes this combination a winner. You’re getting a phone that still packs a punch in 2021 from a company that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your purchase.