Brand marketing is an integral part of any business today. No matter how high-quality and reasonably priced your products and services are, you need effective marketing strategies to get them exposed to your target audience. Unfortunately, some marketing methods may require a large initial investment, so some small and startup businesses may not be able to afford them. 

However, the good news is there is a wide plethora of choices for outbound marketing. And one effective tool is to use custom stickers. Custom designed stickers have the potential to improve brand awareness and brand recognition and even increase brand loyalty. And there are many ways for you to leverage their uses. It’s all a matter of finding the right placement strategies. 

Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of custom stickers in the most effective ways: 

  1. Product Packaging  

One way to use custom stickers as a marketing tool is by including them in your product packaging. In these modern times, how you present your product to the market can affect the consumer’s perception of your brand and business. While you may be selling the same quality and content as other competitors, you can potentially drive more sales by using the best product packaging. And custom stickers can help you stand out from the rest. 

Whatever packaging you choose, make sure your sticker is placed strategically on the package. After all, the stickers on your products can motivate or discourage your customers. You can use it to communicate your products to your customers effectively.   

Big brands have been using this marketing technique for many years. A sticker with your brand on the parcel or packaging can help make a good impression on your customers. They can instantly uplift any packaging, improving the recipient’s brand recognition. However, the key is to focus on designing the logo and graphics better for your customer to remember your brand easily.  

In addition, in this era of social media, some consumers and influencers record themselves while unboxing products and share such content with their social media friends. And so, by incorporating stickers into your packaging, your brand could be featured on screen and possibly generate additional sales from viewers and friends of friends. Anyone who views their unboxing content can be a potential lead for your business. Therefore, leverage this advantage and ensure to fix a good sticker on your product packaging.  

  1. Product Label  

The time has come to utilize digital marketing strategies more than ever, but you can’t downplay the advantages of conventional marketing methods too. But compared to traditional marketing tools, stickers are refreshing and perceived as something fun. So, take advantage of this and make your product stickers vibrant, unique, and catchy.

You can incorporate stickers in your products themselves. For instance, if your business is offering skincare products in bottles or containers, instead of paying for more expensive product labels, you can add custom stickers that offer the same benefits but at lesser costs.

Labeling is the permanent application of customized stickers to products. And so, as you finalize the design, keep in mind your customer’s preferences. Make sure you research which designs your audience will most likely find catchy and inviting. Also, consider the major and minor details such as color, shapes, logo, graphics, and so on. Special sales or seasonal promotions can also be advertised on product labels. These stickers can advertise your product’s promotion more effectively than any other marketing gimmick. 

  1. Storefront Signages  

If you’re operating through on-site or physical stores, you can maximize the use of custom stickers to attract passers-by from the streets and alleys where your store is located. Stickers can be placed on your store’s display windows or other places where your customers can see them at first glance. And chances are, there may be people who have no intention of buying, but the stickers out front draw them in, enticing them to visit your store and make a purchase.

Putting out catchy stickers in your storefront is very effective indeed. You can even change these stickers seasonally or depending on your ongoing promotions. This effective advertising strategy can be revealed to everyone on the streets or in the mall with minimal effort. 

  1. Vehicle Stickers  

If you own company cars and other vehicles, take advantage of pasting custom stickers on them. From small to large, these vehicle stickers can be customized in multiple formats to meet your vehicle’s needs. 

As a low-cost medium with great impact, large format custom stickers are a great idea for advertising campaigns. And considering how much travel and deliveries your company car makes in a day, the equivalent exposure of your brand through vehicle stickers is immeasurable. 

When using custom stickers for company cars and motorcycles, the key is to place them in a focal area like the body, windows, doors, bumpers, or mirrors. These are the vehicle’s features that many people would constantly view or see from afar. Just make sure to paste high-quality and weather-resistant ones to ensure that they remain irremovable and durable.  

  1. Flooring  

Another effective way to use custom stickers is to place them on your store’s flooring. This feature is enough to attract your customers’ attention as they walk their way through your store or glide their carts on smooth surfaces. Using promotional stickers on your flooring can help motivate your customers to engage more with your business.  

For instance, if they have a product they forget to list on their to-buy list, they can easily remember to buy it when they see your custom stickers on the floors. The key is to ensure that the flooring sticker is high-quality and will stand the test of time. It should also be durable enough to withstand high foot traffic and constant gliding of heavy carts and wheels onto the floors. 


The use of custom stickers can help you promote your business in several ways. And the good news is that this can be more effective and low-cost, unlike other outbound marketing strategies. With the different ways above, you can use them to promote your brand, increase retention, and build customer loyalty. Nevertheless, customized stickers are an excellent way to boost your business’s success and increase its visibility in the market.