Are you worried about your finances? Are you struggling to find a form of exercise that suits you? Many people would blame the internet for these ills, arguing that people are spending too much money shopping online and too much time on the internet, instead of getting out and getting some exercise. In fact, there are many ways you can use the internet advisor to improve your life.

Improve Your Finances

The internet has actually made it easier to improve your finances than ever before. There are many budgeting apps that you can download. A wealth of information about personal finances is literally available at your fingertips. Tech innovations, including the rise of online brokerages, have made investing accessible to almost anyone. The internet also offers you the opportunity to research a number of other ways to make the most of your assets. If you are chronically or terminally ill and in need of a financial lift, you may be able to sell your life insurance policy through a viatical settlement. This will not provide you with as much money as the death benefit would be for your beneficiary, but it can mean a significant lump sum that could greatly improve your quality of life. You can review a guide on how viatical settlements work as well as information on regulation and taxation.


The internet also offers unprecedented opportunities to learn. This could be in the form of free videos that teach you how to pick out the right tent for your camping or backpacking trip, or it could be a program online offered by a brick-and-mortar university that results in a bachelor’s or graduate degree. It’s never been so easy to learn Arabic, get cooking lessons, or figure out how to fix your sink. If you’d like to embark on a new career, starting with online classes, or you just want to pick up a useful skill, you can do it by going online.

Be Accountable

Do you want to spend less, work out more or declutter your house one drawer or box at a time? Whatever it is that you want to do, the internet gives you opportunities to be accountable. There are apps that can help you create and then reach specific goals. It could be in the form of sharing your progress with others, whether they are strangers or friends and families. If you are training to run a marathon, you might want to sign up with a run tracking app and add your friends so that you can have friendly competitions with each other.

Reach Out

While it is true that the internet can lead to shallow relationships, it’s also true that there were plenty of shallow relationships long before anyone even imagined the internet. It can be a great tool for connecting with people who have similar interests or outlooks, whether you do so via social media, forums, blogs, or other platforms. Ideally, you can turn these online connections into in-person meetings, but even if you can’t, online meetups can be excellent, especially if you are feeling isolated.